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January 7, 2008

Snow.  Lots of it.  So much snow that the snow mobile owners, known to be substantial whiners most winters due to a lack of snow, have changed their tune this year.  Oh, they're still whining, but now it's because there's too much snow.  Get stuck in it.  Sled's too heavy to yank out unless you get some help.  I guess if you run into town some Saturday morning and sign yourself up for $8,000 in debt at 19% interest so that you can own a new machine, then go over to the place that offers the same financing for trailers so's you have a way to haul your sled around the northeast, you somehow get a free License to Whine about the snow conditions, whatever they are.  Still though, those sleds are fun and what better way to enjoy winter than slicing through it at 130 mph?  The good news is that there aren't any mosquitoes out at this time of year so you don't have them smacking into your face at high speed.  The trails up here are in great shape, and the hotels near the trails do well with the sledders, so it's all good.

This clam stand is bursting at the seams with new leather.  You can help us make room by purchasing some, and at the same time you can rest better knowing you've made a contribution to the CSP (College Savings Plan).  What's new?  Here's a list:

1.  Elk leather:  Very nice sides and also full hides or USA elk, farm raised, but every now and then we find the hide from a wild elk in there (just look for the bullet hole).  A nice, smoke tan color, tanned just the way they came off the animal, with no corrections or smoothing, no goopy finishes, just natural looking elk hides.  I don't think our price can be beat ($75 for a side, $135 for a full hide, with the usual free shipping within the 48 antleriffic United States (no dollar limit on this shipping deal, nothing's changed in the last 14 years).

2.  Black Semi-Glossy sides:  Black cowhide sides have been struck through, which means the dye goes all the way through the leather, so when you cut it the edges are as black as the front/back. These are large sides, each measuring over 20 square feet, guaranteed.  Slightly firm temper, not soft enough for garments, but great for shoes, boots, covering books, etc.  Feels just the slightest bit oiled, which helps water to bead up on it.  2.5 to 3 oz, with a smooth surface finish.  It's quite firm when you consider how thin it is (about 1 mm thick).  This is what tanners call a pasted leather, which means it was stretched out while drying on a glass board and then sort of squeegeed to get the liquid out of it.
Pasting stretches the leather a bit, which is why these are so large.  This also means it hasn't got much stretch left in it, so it's good for uses that need the leather to keep its shape.  These babies are $50 a pop.

3.  PU Coated Black Double Bends, 8 oz:  Black cowhide double butts (also known as double bends - basically the back half of the cow) have been struck through, which means the dye goes all the way through the leather, so when you cut it the edges are as black as the front/back. Each hide has a polyurethane layer bonded permanently to the surface, which means it has a plastic coating on the leather. Sounds weird, but a lot of leather goods are made with this kind of leather.  This batch of hides was being made into police service belts before the manufacturer switched over to an all-synthetic material.  Thick leather is 8 oz, or exactly 1/8" thick.  These measure about 18 square feet each.  Slightly firm temper, which is great for for belts, straps, harnesses, etc. It's thick, it lasts forever, so it must be pricey.  Used to be.  Our price is $50 each, to your door (within the 48 polyurethanic States).

4.  Walnut Brown Veg Tan Half Hides:  I'll spare you a lengthy description on these - this is just a plain out and out pretty leather.  Half hides run large, 6 oz in thickness.  See the site to check them out, please, right about here:

5.  Dark Brown Full Finish sides:  These are on that same page - a great leather for covering a table top, among other things.

On that same page you'll notice that Simba has returned to us (a popular leather that's the same color as a lion), and there are some full upholstery hides listed too.

So, the leathers have been falling from the sky, almost as fast as the snow.  This is always a busy time of year for us, as many manufacturers write down their inventories and look to us to help them unload inventory.  We always look forward to the season, and, now that we're gaining daylight every day, things are looking up all the way around.  Share the hysteria.  Drop by the site - pile up some leather and we'll get it out to you as fast as we can.  Thanks a lot and keep that wood stove roaring.

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