Brettuns Village Trunks & Leather

Old Trunks, New Leather.  All from Maine.

January 17, 2000

Hello, and thanks for signing up for the Brettun's Village Leather newsletter.  This is a new idea for us - we'll do our best to update you about the new items that show up in the barn, so you can be among the first to get what you need for your crafts, projects, or business.

New items in the shop this week include the following:

Crocodile print leather - this is cowhide, split to about 2/3 oz, and run through a press that gives it a faux-gator print look.  The leather is chrome-tanned, and is black with a high gloss finish.  We have this available as scraps, both standard ($3/lb) and premium ($4/lb, pieces larger than 3 to 4 square feet).

The following items will be added to the website later this week, if the snow doesn't slow things down:

Pigskin Suede - we're waiting for a nice load of whole pigskins, chrome tanned, dyed through, in a wide variety of colors.  All are suede finished.  We'll be pricing these by the whole hide, as low as we can go.  Each hide averages about 10 square feet.  Sides are mostly 4/5 oz, some are thicker.

Fleece - We've struck up a deal with one of Maine's fleece outerwear manufacturers.  They have excess, we buy excess, and so, we're adding it to the list of products we'll be selling on a regular basis.  This is the stuff known as polar fleece that socks, pull-overs, and outdoor gear are made of.  Wild patterns, solid colors, and lots of it.  These will be large scraps, generally over several square feet each, and will be sold for $2.50/pound, plus 50 cents/lb shipping.  A pound can contain up to 8 square feet, so you get a lot of fleece for your money.

I'll update you as soon as these items are shown on the website, so you can hop there and take a look.

How about this snow, huh?  Finally looks like winter!

Churchill Barton