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February 15, 2006

The good thing about having an unusually warm winter such as this one is that folks lose all sense of reality.  The evidence of this malady is all around us
up here in Maine.  Saw some gommer walking downtown in a t-shirt the other day.  Folks driving with the pickup truck window down.  Dog hanging out the window
like summertime.  That Dog of ours has been seen doing this.  She knows how to work the electric windows I think.  Some Jenny, that one.

The biggest indication of weather-induced insanity though are the real estate prices.  They keep driving up the charts.  pretty soon you'll have to pay as
much for a 4 bedroom New England farmhouse up here in Central Maine as you folks in what we call 'The Rest of the World' pay for a car.  Never thought I'd see it
happen.  Just got the new tax bill on the camp though.  Ouch.  Checking the prices on some of the homes for sale around here will convince you, once and for
all, that the entire world has truly gone mad.  I guess they think that winters will never again be cold.  That seems like quite a long shot.

So now, aside from a double barrel college tuition shotgun pointed at our heads, Amanda and I have the tax man to fret about.  We have a plan though - it goes (I
just had a vision of Gene Autry with his guitar telling the fellers:); well, it goes a little like this...

We plan to sell more leather, more trunk parts, and more old keys.  Keys?  You bet.  Antiquekeys.Net.  Birth of another empire, but that's another story.
Right now we've got a lot of stuff to sell.  This is where you come in.  Like the way I slid that sales pitch right in there?  It's almost like I'm from
Boston or something.  That gave me the shivers.

Leather - we've landed some great new leathers recently, all shown on the site.  We've got Forest Green Nubuck sides, large full pigskin garment leather hides,
Tundra Tan nubuck sides, and even the rare and highly sought-after Pea Soup Green full grain sides.  Yuk.  Take a look at the re-vamped Sides and Hides page
on the site:

We've also got some new types of rivets, spikes, and other hardware on the Parts page:

So go have a look and see if anything gets your hoo-rady to rotate.  Or whatever it is you do.

Over in the trunk biz we've actually got two Louis Vuitton items listed.  Neither is worth a zillion bucks, so we have them priced to sell.  Might be worth a gander if you're aching to add to your personal Vuitton collection:

You may have heard about the Blizzard of 2006 or whatever they called that little dusting of snow last weekend.  That storm, which looked like a good one a
few days before it hit, apparently emptied its magazine on the Big Apple.  The forecasters up here had predicted a big, big dump of snow for us.  How much did
we get?  Maybe two inches in some places.  I guess it went out over the Atlantic before it had a chance to bury us.  So, and right here I kid you not, we have
greenish looking grass out in the yard.  Weird.  Global warming?  I doubt it - they say we'll be quite cold this weekend.  Great.

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