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February 19, 2010

Greetings to all of you who at one point in your life, apparently a
moment of weakness, decided to sign up for the Brettuns Village e-mail
newsletter.  It must be mid-winter here in Maine, because I don't see
the snow anymore, even though it's there, and I don't feel the cold
anymore, even though it's there, and I've stopped being excited about
how empty the roadways are, seeing as how the tourists don't seem to
be around at the moment.  As we near the end of February we begin to
snap out of the winter coma slowly, as Maine collectively comes to the
realization that the leaves will come back and things will green up,
gardens will grow, and the sun will feel warm, and all of this should
take place in a little under 10 more weeks.  I was driving to work
this morning about 5:30-ish and thought I saw a hint of the sunrise,
so the days are getting longer.  This is all pretty exciting.

A couple of news items that I thought I'd pass along to you:  We've
added some new colors of leather laces, 72-inchers, and we're also now
selling some bundles of 100 mixed colors, broken into two basic
groups:  Earth tones and Pastels.  These laces are really handy when
you need to tie this to that or wrap a thing to make it more
you-know-what-I-mean or hang up a dealy bopper by tying a knot and
hanging it over a doo-dad.  Check out the Laces page to see the new
additions, please:

A lot of folks buy tooling bellies from us - these are trimmed bellies
of vegetable tanned cowhide, 6-7-8 ounce, firm, and are toolable,
formable, carvable, etceterable.  Got in a new shipment of these, dyed
dark chocolate brown, at the same price we've had stuck on these
things since we opened the doors back in 1998. Bellies are about 6
feet long, variable in width, and nice for straps, small projects, or
just wrapping around your waist to make a fashion statement - a
statement that screams "lock me up.'

Side leathers come and go around this clam stand - and for those of
you who only recently fell into the whirling vortex of leather
crafting a side is a highly technical term that means 'we cut the
cowhide in half so it'd fit through smaller machines and drive down
our production costs, Jack', but a recently arrived side leather is a
doozy. It's very dark brown, oily, thick (6-7 oz), natural grain
surface, with a rustic, outdoorsy, weathered look, and these sides run
large - every single one of them is over 22 square feet of total
surface area.  The color is called Maduro, just like the wrapper on
those expensive cigars they keep up on that high shelf down at the
Hooch Market.  Maduro is sure to be a hit, as evidenced by how they
started selling less than an hour after we added them to the site.

Next new item is another dark brown side leather, but this one isn't
oily at all - it's a nice, smooth, naked leather (you can still see
the natural surface of the leather through the finish) that's nice and
soft, 4 oz thickness.  We call it Smooth as a Moose because it's
smooth and similar in color to a Maine moose, which you really should
see this coming summer.  These sides run about 18-20 sq ft and are
very, very nice.  A great close-out lot that we were very glad to

Here's a link to the page where we sell our full hides and sides:

New decorations on the glitzy ditzies page, more rivets, and a few
other things here and there.  The site, and the business, keep
growing, and we appreciate your support.  When daughter #1 decides
which college will be lucky enough to have her and we get that first
tuition bill in the mail we'll really appreciate your support, and you
can take that to the bank.  Our bank.

I'll get back to you in a couple of weeks with some more updates.
Jenny says thanks to those of you who have stopped by the shop while
you were upcountry on a ski vacation or just touristing around - she's
always glad to have visitors. I can tell because that's the only time
she gets up off her bed now that duck season's over.  Some dog, That

Thanks a lot for reading this drivel-
Churchill Barton
Purchasing Agent and Proud Dad
Brettuns Village
Lewiston-Auburn, Maine

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