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February 22, 2007

Hi Folks:

It got up above freezing yesterday - gave me a chance to roll the window down on the truck for almost 2 miles.  Summer's coming soon I guess.  On that note, I wanted to let you know that we won't be doing any shipping Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday of next week.  It's not vacation or anything like that; there's just something I have to go do and then I'll be back and we'll be working like gophers in a dust storm as though nothing ever happened.  The move to the new space is almost complete.  I find it interesting that in this day and age ('we can land a man on the moon...') it takes '4 to 6 weeks' to make a phone ring 4 miles away from where it's been ringing for the last 10 years.  Not everything is digital, at least not in Maine, it would seem.

I'll ask for you patience next week, and if you'd ever met my younger brother, you'd be willing to grant it.  A great guy, avid scuba diver, cyclist, kayaker, and probably the smartest person I ever met in my life.  For years he's been into a training program in a form of martial arts that I can neither spell nor pronounce, and he would have been testing soon for his black belt.  Matt lived in South Florida, and I mean he lived in it.  He became part of what makes people want to go to Florida, part of the fabric that holds that state together.  Comfortable in the ocean, comfortable in the everglades, and the narrow strip of land in between as well, he was a beach bum, Ph.D. candidate (computers),  reader of books, observer of people, and a perpetual helping hand to those in need.  Like I said, a great guy.  Last Sunday, at the age of 46, his heart stopped and that was that.  He leaves behind a good dog and a wonderful, dedicated girlfriend.  I've got some work to do down there; we'll be back to the tape gun and cardboard battle on Thursday.

Auburn, Maine