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February 24, 2009

What you've got on your screen right here is just a simple reminder that our Deal of The Week expires on Wednesday morning at exactly the
time I get to the office after getting up in the dark, yawning a few times, checking to see if the newspaper arrived yet or if the delivery
guy needs help pushing his truck out of the snowbank again, let That Dog out, let That Cat out, let That Cat right back in again because
it's not summer yet, make some coffee, put together a PB&J for the morning snack, look for some leftovers in the fridge to take along for
lunch, then get dressed in a minimum of four layers, lace up the snow boots, let That Dog in, make my way to the truck, close my eyes and
hit the ignition one more time while thinking in my head 'eight years and you've never let me down so don't break the streak,' back out into
traffic (one day last year I had to wait for three cars - time to move further back in the woods I guess), head down the hill, across the
river, and into Lewiston, then along the River Road, downstream until I reach the office, then park and drag the lunch pail along into the
building, hit the lights, hit the thermostat to try to get her up to 58 degrees at least, hit the power button on the WSC (Wicked Slow
Computer),and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call the starter's pistol.  Download 400 or so e-mails from overnight, delete
the ones that offer to extend the length of our mortgage or refinance the prescription medications we so desperately need, along with the
notifications of yet another bunch of lotteries I've won even though I can't remember entering them, then answer the legitimate questions
about how much Uncle Larry's trunk is worth and what's the best leather to use to attach a pit bull to your wrist, and then, right in
there somewhere, I'll update the Deal of the Week.  For now, it expires in about 15 hours so if you need some Yeller Lizard side
leather you'd best go git it.  Pronto. Hit the Site Map at BrettunsVillage.Com.

I swear some day I'll type a brief newsletter. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

Maine Base Out (14 inches of new snow yesterday, give or take)-

Churchill Barton
Lizard Skinner
Brettuns Village Leather
Lewiston/Auburn, Maine