Brettuns Village Trunks & Leather

Old Trunks, New Leather.  All from Maine.

March 1, 2013


Not sure how it got to be March 1st - did we skip January this year?  I still have confetti in what's left of my hair from our New Year's Eve trip to NYC and Times Square (make sure you do this at least once in your life - it's incredible, safe, and one heck of a great way to kick off a new year), and here we are in March.  Time flies I guess.

Employees 003 and 004 in Times Square (OK, actually one block away on 45th)

Things at BrettunsVillage.Com are growing, expanding, accelerating, moving forward, increasing, and, well, you get the picture.  We've stomped our way into 2013, our 16th year of being in business, with consultants working on a major web site reconstruction (no, the logo won't spin around nor will a little clown pop up and holler 'HOWDY!' - we're just trying to get the cart system upgraded, provide for automated shipping charge calculations for our ever-growing outside-of-the-USA customer base, and make it easier for you to choose second day or overnight shipping for your orders.  It's technical, it's big, and it should have been done a long time ago.  Stay tuned for more exciting web site upgrade news, and when I say it's exciting I mean that in the same way that watching your in-laws take a nap on your couch in the middle of a play-off game that's being broadcast on your big screen TV is exciting.

We now bring you the latest Black Lab Report: Indie turned two, Jenny turned 13 (still doing very well), duck season went well, and we've had plenty of snow for Indie to run through at Mach IV while she chases anything you happen to have handy that you can throw for her.

Leather Report: Lots of new leathers on the web site, and over 100 new belt buckle styles, some of which are so frighteningly ugly that you should wear your belt backwards, on the backside of your britches, for safety's sake.

Trunk Report: Some new trunk handle styles, a few new parts here and there, and a trunk workshop that's 22 degrees inside.  This is March though - it'll be warming up in there soon.

The Big News:  This is really the reason I wanted to send out this e-mail - to help you stay connected with us, but not the kind of connection that means '3 e-mails a day' or anything like that, we're posting most of our news flashes on Facebook now.  Search for Brettuns Village, hit that 'Like' button, and that's it - you're on the list.  We post updates to our inventory, vital weather reports (like the video of Pee Wee Herman hollering 'It's SNOWING!' over and over again), and we alert you to our latest Deal of the Week so that you can jump on it quick.  It works well for us; it's quick, and it doesn't cost a penny so the Employee Imaginary Profit Sharing Pool can continue to grow well into the tens of dollars.

OK, that's it.  Oh, one more thing - March is going to be a great month.  You'll see.  Hang on for the ride-

Churchill Barton, Corporate Literature Inventor
Lewiston, Maine