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April 3, 2000

April 3, 2000

This is the latest attempt at a newsletter for subscribers to Brettuns Village Leather's e-mail update service.  If you've received this in error, well, read it anyway.  You should probably take up some sort of leather crafting hobby.  Be good for you.

New stuff in this week:

Brass pyramid spots or studs, 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch.  On the Parts page


Little golfers for your golf bag, shoes, or for torturing.  See the Parts page again.

Cool little brass cigar bands, made to look like the originals.  Attach them with rivets to your belt, cigar case, or just whack em into the door of your car, show some attitude.  Don't smoke the cigars though.  P.U.

More buckles, more leather laces, and about one million (no kidding) shoe laces in various lengths and colors.  These are great for kids to use when beading or stitching leather together.  No needle required, just use the plastic tip of the lace.  These are $5 per 100 laces.  Choose your color from white, black, and the usual gazillion shades of brown.  Shipping's $3.20 for 100 laces, add another buck for each additional 100 laces.

More suede colors, including turquoise, navy, and camel, all in first quality cow bellies, very nice stuff.  Priced to moooove.  Sorry.

More fleece, more cuffs (@#$%!*), and another load of 550 cowhide sides, 22 sq ft each on average, brown, maroon, tan, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7/8 ounce.  Our usual price - $40 each, plus shipping.

Next big shipment we're waiting for is a load of 20,000 sq ft of black butter tan sides, 4 oz, perfect black garment leather.  Might be a month before we get them, we'll be sure to let you know.

Dog news - Jenny is retrieving flawlessly from 35 yards, knows the basic voice commands, and completed a hike through the woods at Brettuns Pond in the perfect 'heel' position.  Not bad for 16 weeks.  OK, she also removed the sole from my hiking boot when I was looking the other way.
Like I said, 16 weeks.


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