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April 14, 2000

April 14, 2000

Hello to Brettuns Village Leather's Newsletter Subscribers:

Just a quick note (this is how I spend my Friday nights) - We received a shipment of about 4,000 pounds of black leather, all scrap pieces.  Some standard scrap (less than 3 square feet), but mostly all premium scrap - that's right, the big boys.  It's almost all in the 4, 5, and 6 oz range, medium temper (not too soft, not too firm), chrome-tanned, dyed through, in pretty good shape.  These are tannery discards � when this particular tannery has hides or sides with imperfections smack in the middle of the leather (a brand, for example) they cut them up, sell them to us.  We sell them to you.  Sometimes we even remember to mark them up, so that we can make a profit for the month.  Sure.  All of this black leather will sell at our regular scrap prices, shipping

We'll be open Saturday morning, closed in the afternoon so we can get set up for the big Ducks Unlimited dinner up in Turner.  I'm the chairman of this event this year, something I've been doing in my spare time (!).  Come on up and join us, maybe you'll win a canoe or a jug of our own maple syrup.


Churchill Barton
Brettuns Village Leather