Brettuns Village Trunks & Leather

Old Trunks, New Leather.  All from Maine.

May 6, 2009

Shoot. No more snow.  I miss it already.  Look out there in back -
the grass is turning green.  Started the lawn tractor last weekend.
This all leads to one inevitable situation - here comes tourist

In Maine, where our state's entire economy is about the same size as
the first 18 floors of one of those NYC high rises, we count on
tourists to drive, fly, or boat in here with pockets spilling over
with cold, hard cash.  Leave as much of it here as you can, as we'll
surely need it next September when you all go driving, flying, or
sailing back from whence you came.  We'll need it for firewood,
heating oil, wood pellets, and other heating fuels, including the most
popular one, Coffee Brandy.  Here comes summer, and don't forget that
we're counting on your support.

No recession here in the barn, thanks to you customers.  You've been
doing a great job of keeping us busy, and we appreciate it.  To show
our thanks we've been updating the Weekly Deal (on the Leather site)
every Wednesday morning, and a lot of you have gotten into the habit
of checking that deal out every week.  Thanks.  If you've forgotten
to check on the Weekly Deal, let me just run through a sampling of
some of our recent deals:

Wed, March 25: 200 sq ft of sheep shearling for bomber jackets, $95,
free shipping

Wed, April 8:  Denim suede hides, $20 for 4 hides, free shipping

Wed, April 15: Full set of leather working tools, $4,000 value for
$50 flat, free shipping

Wed, April 22: Week-long stay at the cottage on Brettuns Pond, with
lobsters for your first evening's meal, and open bar all week, $175
per group of up to 20 people (this one was really a hit and we're now
booking this into 2010 - thanks!)

Wed, April 29 - Full cowhides, upholstery leather, Dark taupe, about
60 sq ft per hide, $10 each, free shipping

I should mention that I'm going from memory on these, and I turned 50
a few weeks ago, so, well, I know the free shipping part is correct.
I'm not so sure I got the rest of it right.  My point is, and right
here I should stop and mention that these newsletters always have a
point, even though sometimes you have to swab the newsletter and send
the sample to the crime lab for DNA matching to figure out the exact
point, and even then there's a reliability factor that can be argued
in court, but anyway, the point is, we're running these Weekly Deals
so you may want to mark it on your calendar, or soak your hands in a
bucket of water for about three weeks until they shrink down small
enough so that you can actually type on that PuckerBerry
phone/device/contraption you just had to have, and stick it in the
memory so that it gives you a shock or plays 'War' (Huah!  What is it
Good For?)(now that's stuck in your head for the rest of the day -
sorry) to remind you of something important.  Sort of.

The Leather site (BrettunsVillage.Com/Leather) is gushing with new
stuff. Been a while since I sent you any of these literary road kill
wrappers, and in the meantime we've added a bunch of new leathers,
beefed up the Clearance page, added 8 new types of snap hasps to the
Parts/Hardware section, and even initiated a cool new software
nightmare that makes little boxes show up now and then to show you
even more stuff that you really don't need but wouldn't mind having.
Very cool.  Very high-tech.  That's a fib.

I guess the big news on the Trunk site is that we were invited to load
our truck with refinished trunks and take them down to Rumson, New
Jersey for display (and sale) in the Design Show House.  It's very
cool.  Quite a mansion, old enough to have a Trunk Room in it, so we
filled that room with trunks and now they're for sale. You can learn
more about the place here:

Great time of year now that mud season is about behind us.  To
celebrate, the black flies are out in force.  They'll be gone soon,
and then the mosquitoes will arrive.  Right after that will be our
first snowfall, and then we can get back to wearing long underwear.  I
rather miss it.