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June 3, 2010

I noticed recently that when that alarm starts clanging at 5 am it's
already light outside, which is standard for this time of year up
Maine way.  It's a toss up - are the crows louder than the alarm
clock, or is it the other way around?  Doesn't matter; once you're up
you're up I guess.  Anyway, the long days seem to point us toward
summer, and I've also noticed that there's a little less homework
being done in the evenings by the Galliwags.  Yessir, summer's on the
way.  Another important sign to back this up - I haven't had to wear
long underwear to work in almost 4 weeks.  Now I realize that this is
getting a little personal, but I relay that fact more as a comment on
temperatures than on personal dressing practices.  Add to this
longjohn item the fact that I actually wore shorts to work one day
last week and you can see right where we're headed - warm weather.
OK, enough chin music here's some news:

Need elk leather?  We've got it - a nice shipment of USA elk hides,
tanned by companies that know how to tan elk (Fox Valley and Cory
Tanning), in a rich brown color or a very convincing light
tan/buckskin color.  We've got these full elk hides priced at $110
each, with the usual free shipping to any USA address included (even
HI and AK on these hides).  This seems to be a pretty good price as
it's caused a lot of those elk to run right out the door and straight
into the UPS truck, which takes some serious convincing once you've
removed the elk part of the elk from the skin part of the elk.
They're selling well is my point.  See them on the Hides and Sides
page, if you'd like to take a look.

Need tan or brown mellow 4 oz cowhide sides?  We've got them, rolled
up on that shelf right over there, next to where all the floor tile
sole bends are stacked - to the left of the Suede Department.  See
them?  We call this leather Ridgeline, mostly because that's what the
tannery called it.  Also on the Hides and Sides page - this is a
natural looking chrome tanned side leather, just a frog's hair thicker
than typical garment leathers, so make some britches that'll last a

Shell cordovan:  A very tough leather to get, as many of you know.
Our shipment of black shells arrived this last Tuesday; we added them
to the website on Tuesday afternoon, and sold out of them two hours
later. Next shipment will be that deep oxblood color that makes
cordovan famous - we'll post it when they arrive and then Jenny (That
Dog) and I will stand back out of the way while these pricey horse
butt cheeks that took 7 months to tan go flying out the door.  What a
weird business we're in.

OK, what's next on my agenda?  As if I have an agenda when I sit down
and let the spirit of the Grand Whopping Poo-Bah of Leather show my
fingers which keys to push.  How about giant colorful lizards? OK,
you've got it. A few days ago we added a new page to the site, which
you probably heard about on the Today Show when they all came up here
to Maine and did their entire broadcast from out behind the barn where
we used to shovel the stuff that didn't need to be piling up around
the cow's back legs all winter but somehow, geographically, it seemed
natural to have them slinging it from that spot, but anyway, got off
track a bit there, it was nice to get the publicity and have them roll
out the news of our brand spanking new 'Exotic Leathers' page and that
fireworks display they put on was, well, let's just say the neighbors
will never forget it.  We put that new page together, and right here I
should point out that this paragraph up to this point was all made up
out of thin air but hang on because here comes the true part, to sell
a shipment of Tejas lizard skins, python skins, and caiman (like an
alligator but carries a passport and talks with an accent) skins in a
variety of colors.  We've listed each skin piece by each, as we say up
this way, so you can see pictures of each skin and make your decision
accordingly.  Check it out from the Site Map, or just click on this
link right here:

I've bragged before about how I still carry my Eagle Scout card in my
wallet, or at least I did until that particular wallet decided it
wanted to see how long it could hold its breath one day out on
Moosehead Lake at a spot where the depth finder showed 110 feet, and I
still get a kick out of how much I learned from Scouting so many years
ago.  One of the best rules we had was 'Always leave a campsite better
than you found it.'  I've been doing that ever since, and Amanda and I
have passed that simple rule down the chain of command in our house.
Things have been pretty hectic around our barn lately, thanks to you
customers, and also to the end-of-year stuff that goes along with
having a high school senior (our Rebecca) graduating (this weekend).
We've finally signed the deal to send her off to college next Fall
(American U. in DC), and she's done the National Honor Society thing,
brought home the Spanish award (4th year in a row), started building a
pile of certificates, commendations, and accolades on the old kitchen
table that I made from wide plank barn boards back around the time she
was born, and been named Salutatorian of her class.  She's on a roll
and seems to be excited about moving to DC to begin her studies in
American's International Studies program, and though we're not excited
about her leaving home we're so very proud of her and all she's
accomplished at this young age (at this point when I was a senior all
I could lay claim to was 'well, I can sort of do a handstand on a

Meanwhile, not to be outdone, younger sister Hayley worked the past
few months as Assistant Director of the local middle school's
Shakespeare production (Midsummer Night's Dream), swam for the Y
again, and did so well in each and every one of her tenth grade
classes that she's exempt from all of her final exams. So, there's
this incredibly wonderful and beautiful young lady perched on the
couch over at the farm, doing absolutely Jack Squat for a change. Good
for her - and our Pride Bucket is sloshing right over the top. At any
rate, what I was trying to get around to was to say that Amanda and I
are still following the Boy Scout rule.  If you think of this tiny
planet as our campsite, we're leaving it better than we found it.
These Galliwags are spectacular and restore my faith in the future.
So there you have it.  Proud Dad?  I guess so.

Buy some leather - you should see the tuition bill.

Brettuns Village Leather
Auburn, Maine

Hayster on the left, Becca-Boo on the right

Becca with somone who looks like Churchill's Grandfather (dress by H&M, shoes by one of those shoe places down in Portland)

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