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June 14, 2007

Winters can seem to drag on a bit in Maine, though I don't really know why.  After March 21st you can hear the earth squeak a bit as the axis starts tilting toward that big bright thing in the sky, and things really do seem to warm up.  Still, when it gets to be mid-June, as it happens to be right now in case you've had your nose in textbooks studying for your final exams and lost track of the calendar, I start looking forward to a couple of weeks out of the year when I can get up in the morning and forego the long underwear.  We're not there yet, but it's so close I can almost feel my legs running free, unfettered by the confines of polyester or cotton or under armor or whatever else was on sale in the Long Handles aisle at the store down in the village.  Summer.  Just the sound of it comes across as a welcome visitor, unexpected but cheerfully greeted.  Best two weeks of the year.  I'll drop you a line when it gets here.

Last time you received this printable bird cage liner I told you that we had been cleaning out a factory and adding new items to the site.
I didn't lie.  Once an Eagle Scout, always an Eagle Scout.  Been adding things when we find the time, and when I say we I mean me and That Dog and the digital camera which still feels new even though it stores photos on a 3.5" floppy disc, which a few of my daughters' friends can't positively identify.  They can have their little SD cards. I like using a disc with some weight, so that when it fails to work I can pitch it like a frisbee and really get some distance out of it, and I do mean way, way out there.  I'm not littering.  That's never an option because you-know-who runs out back there, tail wagging, and retrieves it.  Good dog, That Dog.

Here are some of the new things that we've posted so far, my old camera and me:

1.  Suede hides and cowhide splits - 8 new colors on the Suedes page. Nice stuff, reasonable prices. Free shipping.

2.  Thread - New one-pound spools in different colors and many types of smaller spools for smaller projects.  Strangely, these are posted on the Threads page.  A little predictable, don't you think?

3.  Laces - leather laces in many new colors and lengths, with options for purchasing 1, 10, 100, or 1,000 of them.  Load up.

4.  Leather on spools - Many sizes and colors of leather trim spliced end to end on spools so that, if the mood strikes you, you can run a 3/16" wide leather border all the way around your house.  Twice.  This stuff looks like lacing that comes on a spool, so we stuck it on the Laces page.  Very cool stuff that looks like it should come in handy for wrapping around things like dream catchers, handlebars, the neighbor's doberman, etc.  Some of this lacing is even stitched like some sort of endless high-priced belt for Barbie.  Or for making leashes for very tiny dogs (all of which should be named Shark Bait)(hey, don't look at me, that was Jenny's typing right there).

5.  Buckles - more belt buckles, some new styles on the site.  By the way, we did a total rehab of the Parts and Accessories area of the BVL empire, so it's menu driven now.  I think that's the right phrase to use.  Click on the picture of rivets if you're looking for rivets.  Thread for thread.  Buckles, well, you get it. All part of our
Customer Satisfaction program that resulted from endless committee meetings, mostly near the wood stove on cold evenings back in April.

6.  Eyelets and Grommets - There are those who claim that eyelets swim south in the fall, spend winter in the Gulf of Mexico, then swim back north in Spring, but they're big enough to be called grommets by then.  I thought that was bluefish, but what do I know?  I know this fact, Jack - we've got lots of eyelets and grommets. Fancy grommets.  Plain eyelets.  Bags of 100 for about what it costs us to ship them to you, but what do you care?  You know, you seasoned Brettuns Village customer, that shipping is always free to our customers in the 48 congrommetous states.  Furthermore, the chosen few who live in AK or HI know that they too can claim free shipping status for most of our smaller items (on account of we can ship them in flat rate priority mail boxes to you for about the same as it would cost us to ship them to Chester down in East Waterboro).  What I find interesting is that when it comes time for me to conjure up a few words about eyelets and grommets that will inform without inebriating, before you know it we've got one heck of a long paragraph here.  Thrilling.

7.  Rivets - Tubular rivets.  Rapid rivets.  Solid rivets.  You want rivets?  Yes, we've got rivets.  Lots of rivets.  These are shown on the frilly cashmere lace page.  Just kidding.  Try the rivet page, Mr. Einstein.

8.  Book binding wire. If you use wire to hold craft items together or if, well, come to think of it, if your books are falling apart, then a spool of this jazz might be just the ticket.  It's cool, it's easy to work with, it twists like a demon (I mean this in a good way), and a spool of it will last a long, long time. We've got a few thousand spools available.  Each spool weighs five pounds.  No forklift.  Pop quiz:  You now have enough information to calculate the number of ibuprofen tablets  required for me to fall asleep at night.  Show all work.

9.  Suede leather from 150-foot-long cows.  You may have been reading along through this hogwash, falling slowly toward Dreamland (which is just north and west of Millinocket, by the way), but that woke you up.  Spools of cowhide split leather, 4-3/8" wide, and about 150 feet long.  Long cows?  No, there are seams.  Glued seams that yank apart without much effort, and so it seemed to me that the perfect spot to sell these is on the Clearance page.  That's where they are.  If you're a swing or ballroom dancer and have 75 pairs of dancing slippers to re-sole, one of these spools will set you up spot on, Romeo. Black, dark brown, red, or maroon.

OK, so that's a lot of stuff, but we haven't even made a dent yet.  Lots more to come.  Drop by the site when you have time, have a look.  As always, if you have a question just holler. Do your hollering in an e-mail if you can, as the phone - well, they still say we may be able to get a second line some day but not quite yet.  Want to visit the shop?  Map and directions are on the site now.  Look forward to seeing you.  Come during summer - the week after 4th of July will work.

Churchill Barton
Brettuns Village Leather
Upcountry, Maine