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July 2, 2008


Every so often, as you'll note in the spelling used in the subject
line of this piece of type-written detritus, I feel it's important to
remind you that we sound a little different up Maine way.  When it's
so hot and sticky outside, words we prefer to reserve for the cinnamon
buns we get down at Labadie's Bakery, it's important to remind
ourselves, including That-Dog, of the fact that heat like this won't
last forever.  About seven weeks should do it. These would be the
same seven weeks in which you'll find tourists actually swimming in
our ponds and lakes, even a few in the ocean.  The same seven weeks
that are almost risk free, hypothermia-wise, for swimmers.  Make that
swimmahs.  As for me, enough summer already.  Get this humdiddy out of
here, bring in the cool, dry air, so I can get some work done, watch
the skin fall of my knuckles, and feel my lips crack to bits.  Winter
person, it seems.

So, aside from sweating and complaining, the crew (Becca the Super
Worker) took time to yank a bunch of odd hides and partial sides off
the shelves, take pictures, and add them to the Clearance page on the
site.  Lots of new stuff on there, with more to come since she's now
an employee, at least until school kicks back in.  Take a look at that
page if you need an odd hide, because that pretty well describes them.

Had a small business consign quite a bit of suede to us, and it's nice
leather, a lot of different colors, soft and light weight.  As it had
been sitting around for some time and smells like it, we're putting it
on the Clearance page too.  Selling off the various colors in lots,
ranging from about 25 sq ft up to 60 or 70 sq ft per lot.  You'll see
it on there.  Leo was responsible for those photos, and as it turns
out he has quite a knack for using the dig. camera.  Who knew Employee
#005 had such skills?

Added a bunch more decorations to the Doo-Dad page, which, last time
we saw it shrieking at the top of its lungs, was located right about

There are a wicked lot of decorations on there, as you'll see. Also
put together a new page just for beads.  So, if you find your self
with string or thread in this hand, and nothing in that hand, then all
you need are beads so you can put Part A in Part B and go
hoo-rady-cut-to-bingo (thanks, Grandma Churchill, for that phrase)
into the jewelry making game.  The beads we've listed so far are here:

If I had to guess I'd say we still have about 50 more boxes to dig
through and add to both the doo-dad and bead pages.  Too hot for that

As most of you know, the most important part of running a successful
leather craft supply business is to make sure you have plenty of
fireworks available for the 4th of July.  We face many challenges
running a business in Maine, and this is one of the big ones.  No
fireworks.  Not allowed.  This, of course, is a shame, but necessary
to protect the single most valuable commodity we have in our fine
state. Tourist motels, I guess.  Used to be the Maine woods but I
think the trees got passed up by the wallet luggers a while back.  The
State Fire Marshall's Office, who in Maine is responsible for
fireworks permits and also the safety of merry-go-rounds (I kid you
not - this is Maine multi-tasking), allows us to have sparklers and
some little things that make red smoke that burns your eyes so bad you
end up stumbling around until you tumble bumpkin over teakettle into
the kid from the other side of the road, so she drops her sparkler on
your foot, which ignites those ridiculous hippy sandals you bought
(Natural Fiber!) down on the coast and in your panic you streak into
the Maine woods, so they burn, but the local VFD will stop the blaze
just before it takes out The Streamside Inn & Suites, thus saving 3
folks from New Jersey (what exit?) who saw the Streamside on the
internet and thought it looked pretty good, but now that they're in it
they realize the rumbling sound is the pumping station at the sewage
treatment plant, which is conveniently located right out the back
window (adjacent to that weird little air conditioning unit on the
floor under the window - all hotels have these) but they'll live to
tell the story, thanks, once again, to our firefighters, and then when
you're telling your story to the constable he smells something funny
and reaches for his handcuffs, and it's right about here, wondering
why you came to Maine for the 4th, that you realize the fiber your
hippy shoes are made of is something better suited to a rock concert
than footwear. You'll be out in 18 months.  Come back to Maine soon.
I'll be right here, hoping for cooler, drier air.

I'll try to get back to you later in the month.  Maine base out-

Steam Cabinet Attendant (in training)
Brettuns Village Leather and Spa

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