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July 10, 2001

Hi Again:

I keep promising to leave you alone, but we keep getting more leather in.
It's that time of year - leather product companies and even some tanneries
end their fiscal year, so we get a lot of buying opportunities.  It's fun.
Except the unloading part.

Posted some items I though you'd like to know about.  Garment-grade sides
in off-white and dark brown, and horse sides, 2.5 oz, in golden tan, dark
brown, and black are all posted on our Sides & Hides page.  You know the
price already - 50 bucks, delivered.  The horse hides are nice, they run
big, about 25 sq ft each.

On the Scraps page I posted some more thick stuff, 10 oz up to 16 oz, in a
mix of colors including brown, tan, black, and red.  These are smaller
than our other thick scraps, these run about 1 to 2.5 sq feet.  Priced
lower, so you can build your armor on the cheap.  Or whatever else you're

We got in a box of elk hide scrap pieces - but don't get too excited.  It
weighed in at a whopping 20 pounds.  I donated 8 pounds of it to the Boy
Scouts in town, the rest we might just hang onto for a while.  It's weird,
spongy stuff, black, trying to find a larger stockpile of it somewhere.
I'll let you know if I find it.  Oh great, you're thinking, another

Stay warm-
Box Taping Dept Supervisor
Brettuns Village Leather
Auburn, Maine