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July 22, 2015

sting ray leather for sale

It's hard to say, but, well, just the first thing that comes to mind, more or less, is that out there somewhere are people with pet sting rays, and maybe some of those pet sting rays are looking a little shabby.  Age, outdoors too much, shark encounters, stepped on by overweight tourists down near Panama City, or whatever.  So, if it looks like your sting ray could use a new coat, boy oh boy do we have you covered with this week's Deal of the Week.

Cool pigskin leather panels, polyurethane coated, and molded with a very convincing sting ray pattern.  Priced to move, as we have several hundred of these things here and we'd rather you had them there.  Where you are.  You get the idea.  Whilst you check out these sting ray panels over there in the DOTW department be sure to look at the past deals that are still active.  Jingle bells.  Bazillions of them.  $10 per 100 bells, USA shipping included.  Show some mercy.

thick leather hides on clearance

Need a thick piece of leather that's about the same size as s sheet of plywood?  We recently reduced pricing on our thick (9 oz) double butts, caramel finish.  Tanned for making belts, this is a sturdy leather at low cost ($135 for half a steer, 48-state shipping included).  Check them out here, please:

Feels like summer upcountry - stayed at the camp last night and swam the dogs until the lightning and thunder seemed to be getting too close.  Labrador retrievers, as it turns out, sleep very soundly for a lot of hours if you can get them to swim about a mile in the late evening.  Works like a charm so tuck that one away in your dog training bag of tricks.

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