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July 28, 2006

More Brettuns Village Leather news:

We posted some of the new items today thought I'd spin you up a few links so you can have a gander.

Hair-on goat hides, available individually or per 10, 100, or 1000 hides.  These are here:

Sheep hides, black, printed with leopard spots.  These are here:

A couple of other items I forgot to mention to you last time, due to a brain lapse brought on by goat hair, possibly:

Sample swatches a tannery had sample swatches cut from several of the leathers they produce, but then many of the lines were discontinued.  We ended up with all the sample swatches, in a variety of colors, and in two size.  Smaller ones are 2.75 by 5, larger ones are the same as a sheet of notebook paper 8.5 by 11.  You can buy them in groups or any old which way.  These are here:

Also on that page, way down at the bottom, we have almost two tons of upholstery leather, only its not just the leather.  This stuff was already assembled into couch cushions, pillows, bolsters, etc, with zippers and fabric backing, a hodge-podge of colors, shapes, styles, and sizes.  We couldnt figure out how to sell this sort of stuff, so to us its just scrap, and you can decide if you want to stuff these things full of hay to use as an oblong TV cushion or just cut them apart and use the leather.  Again, this stuff is on the Scraps page, so use the link above to get there.

Yes, we still have lots more to add to the site, but I just thought Id keep you posted.

Also, on our Shipping page youll note that were shirking responsibility again from August 4 through August 12, so any orders placed during that time will be shipped on August 14.  Well be doing some inventory work, some fishing, and some end-of-summer relaxing, as well be expecting our first frost not long after that.  Well still check e-mail during those dates, but no shipping until the 14th.  Nothing but a bunch of lazy bums.  Thats what you were thinking.

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