Brettuns Village Trunks & Leather

Old Trunks, New Leather.  All from Maine.

July 30, 2013

I guess for starters let's say 'Good Riddance' to summer.  Humidity may be your thing, but I've decided it isn't mine.  Come on Cold Front, bring me that dry air I need to be able to keep some small hope of clinging to life.  Also, a cool blast will send a lot of these summertime Maine residents zipping back from whence they came, and then we'll be able to drive around a bit without having to wait for two changes of either one of the traffic lights down in town.  Summer?  You can have it.

OK, so I'm Mr. Grumpy Britches today - cut me some slack - it hit 91 inside the Worldwide Headquarters Complex of Brettuns Village today.  Even the oscillating fan (you didn't think I could spell that, did you?) didn't help much.  Rolling up hides and taping shut boxes, as it turns out, isn't much help when it comes to cooling off.  Indie had the right idea - flat out on the concrete floor for most of the day; get up to eat, back on the floor, etc.  Proof positive, yet again, that Black Labs are smarter than us bipeds.

I just thought I ought to touch base with you, our e-mail subscribers, to let you know that we've re-built major portions of the web site, the most startling change being in how we steer you toward the correct leather for your project.  We now have one menu page from which you can click your way to full hides, or maybe it's sides today, or just because this current project isn't so big you can get by with something from the Tiny Animal page (sheep, goat, calf, deer).  Hair on hides, Exotics (gator, caiman, croc, lizard, snake, ostrich, you get the idea - Mutual of Omaha kind of stuff), scrap leather pieces, panels, sole bends - whatever - you can now reach any/all of them from one page.  Here's a secretly coded link to help protect, well, whatever needs protecting I guess:

OK, so maybe it doesn't exactly rock your world but we're hopeful it'll make finding the right leather a bit easier for you, less poking around, no more scrolling so far down a page that you find yourself in the coal ash bin down cellar.  We always welcome your comments - or at least I do.  Charlie may mouth off a bit but that's exactly why he's not allowed near the computer.  Ever (I hope you realize that just because I'm in Maine that word comes out "Evahhhhh").

Been checking our Deal of the Week out lately?  Special thanks to those of you who purchased the ugly leather that was on there three weeks ago, and yes, you get to keep the extra 5 sides of latigo that we added to each order for free.  I made that up.  Seriously though, we appreciate those of you take a look at the DOTW every Wednesday morning, and we always try to find something extra to fill void spaces in the box.  OK, so if you're sick and tired of the woven panels or those bright white lettermen's jacket sleeves or the bundles of synthetic (but sturdy!) laces just include a note when you order and we'll find something else.  Honest.  You seen our warehouse, Chester?  Tomorrow morning we'll update the DOTW somewhere around 6 or 7 am, so brace yourself firmly and click the button to see what's next in that maelstrom of a sales event.

OK, summer�s about shot, and upcountry hereabouts most everyone�s a lobsterman at this time of year.  Lots of fisherman means lots of pots and that means lots of lobsters, and that all points to low prices per pound.  If you�ve got that itch for a Maine lobster dinner this would be a good time to jump on it.  Best way to get them from here to your table, OK well the best way would involve a free flight on an F16 so that they�d be fresh and the pilot might as well be Bill Cosby or Dustin Pedroia or someone you really admire, but anyway, next best would be to get them delivered to your door by our good friends at A&A Lobster in Greene, Maine.

Just tell Mike that you're a victim of Churchill's newsletter and he'll take pity on you, I'm pretty sure.

Let me hear from you about the web site, please.  There could be some cool woven leather panels in it for you.

Churchill Barton
Chief HTML Dismantler
Forward Operating Base Tango 7
Lewiston, Maine

Can we go swimmin now, huh, can we, can we, now, please, can we?