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August 8, 2001

Hi Folks:

Finally got all the big sides unloaded, counted, sorted, and photographed.  I put together a page just for you tortured newsletter subscribers.  Goodness knows you've suffered enough with these letters; it's about time you got something in exchange.

Now let me warn you about this leather - it's not as thick as I wanted - something to do with the tanning process they tell me.  It's gauging out at 12 ounces per square foot (I had told you it was going to be 18 oz, so you can start calling me names anytime now).  The colors are great - black and dark tan (or brown), veg-tan, but with a natural grain.
The finished side of the leather has not been 'smoothed' like your normal tooling leathers - it still has the normal surface that skin should have, just like yours and mine.  With all the name calling going on, my skin's just a little thicker than yours now, that's all.

We got these sides like we get a lot of our leather - an insurance company ended up with it after a claim, and we get it under a contract agreement with them.  They set a price, we haggle, then it ships.  This load was in Pakistan, so by the time we got it here to Maine we had a lot invested in the leather, the shipping, and over-the-road transport to us.  Incidentally, did you know you can move leather by the ton out of Pakistan without paying a single bribe, but you have to grease the skids if you want to clear it in Boston, yet another reason to live in the country.  We were told that there's even one customs employee who accepts payments using PayPal, so that you can lay out your bribes from the comfort of your own living room.

I was whining about the price a minute ago - here's where we shook out on this deal.  One side, either color, is $95, delivered to your door in the continental USA.  Prices drop for two sides, and on and on.  Need more than 5?  Drop me a line and we'll negotiate, and you won't have to dash me (that's what we called bribery when I worked in Nigeria).  So take a look at this page and let me know what you think.

Churchill Barton
Brettuns Village Leather
Up in Maine