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August 14, 2013


Hello Subscribers to Brettuns Village Leather news:

We just updated our Deal of the Week and I thought I'd enlist your help with the mission.  We have a simple goal this week - move out some of the one-of-a-kind hides that we've had sitting on the shelf or in a crate or stacked by the window or still sealed in shipping boxes or wherever else Charlie and his Warehouse Warblers decided to hide them.  These are individual hides, sides, or partials/panels that don't make it to our regular web pages - we add them one at a time (or, as we say in Maine: piece by each) to the Clearance page when someone has time.  We could use a little room out back, so what we've done for this week's Deal of the Week is offer 20% back to you on your Clearance page purchases that exceed $100.  So, hit the Clearance page, purchase enough items to get over the $100 limit, and then our Front Office Staff (that's hilarious, if you ask me) will send back 20% of your Clearance purchase total to your payment method.  Simple.

Here's a link to the Clearance page, just in case for some reason that I can't even begin to imagine you haven't yet book-marked it:

Again, NO UPPER LIMIT except I guess if you bought everything on that page and all the odd hides that are waiting in line to get on that page then I guess we'd run out.  If you do, in fact, buy all that stuff we'll toss in a Maine lobster dinner for you and 7 of your closest friends and you can keep the plastic bibs that they always ship with the lobsters.

Other news:  On our Leather Sides page we have some great new leathers this week - there's a very nice dark chocolate brown 6/6.5 oz chrome tanned leather we're calling Chocolate Tempest.  This is a good leather for straps, light duty belts, stand-up bags, etc.  Nice stuff - we like it a lot.

Also new this week:  Purple Crush cowhide sides - if you're one of those Purple People you probably already sensed that we added this leather to the site.  Funny how quickly purple leather sells, but there it is, and our Purple Crush is a great garment soft cowhide.

Third new leather that I thought I'd mention:  Our double shoulder leathers are growing rapidly in popularity - and this week we've added a new color:  Medium Brown.  This is a 5 oz leather (2 mm) and looks like one of those leathers that everyone should keep handy - good for just about whatever you want to make.

Here's a link to our Leather Menu, from which you can click to see these new leathers:

We're planning to take the Corporate Yacht (all 13 feet of it) down to Bath this evening, run down the river, gawk at the seals on the small islands here and there, and then maybe hit that restaurant that's up in town, right in the shadows of the Navy ships that Mainers build from scratch.  Weather's cooled down a bit hereabouts so it should be a nice evening.  If anything's worth reporting I'll let you know.

Thanks and get over to that Clearance page before someone else beats you to it.

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Lewiston, Maine