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August 19, 2009

Today is the 19th?  What happened to the first half of August?
Where'd it go? You seen it over your way, Eben?  I guess it went
uptacamp or to Florder to soak up heat or something.  Mid August -
that can only mean one thing - first frost is only a few weeks away.
Oh boy.

Weekly Deal alert - if you need a lot of leather on the cheap, and if
you're not all that picky about the color, and by that I mean for
example that any shade of blue will suit you nicely, then you should
take a look at our Deal of the Week.  A stack of ten Denim Print Suede
bends, delivered to your door, as long as your door is somewhere in
the 48 contibluejeanious states, for a flat rate of $100.  Flat dead
even.  No shipping charges, no handling charges, no processing fees,
no service charges.  Just 100 smackers and that's it.  This breaks
down to about a buck a square foot, and our free shipping makes it
almost like the tannery is right there in your parlor. That explains
the smell.  Just kidding.  I think.

Did you have a horse when you were a kid, or did you get to ride a
horse that belonged to someone else and you loved every minute of it?
Or maybe you just dreamed of having your own pony?  That's so cute.
Well, grow up, Jack, those days are gone and the horse died of old
age.  Rough news, I know, but there's a silver lining - his/her hide
has been made into awesome black garment grade leather, and we've got
it on our site.  Three sizes of horse hides, struck through, black,
very wearable stuff.  Tough break for old MuffinTop, but at least her
hide didn't go to waste.  Check the site if you're interested. Look
for our Black Gold hides - named after a race horse.  That's just
plain sick.

If black leather is what you're after, but you need it thicker than
usual, you may want to take a look at our new Matador sides.  These
run 7-8 oz and are very smooth and clean.  Chromium tanned, good
leather from USA cows, tanned and finished in the USA as well. Why'd
we give it a Spanish name?  I'll have to check with the Nomenclature
Committee on that one. See the Hides and Sides page for Matador,

We also have another new type of black side leather on the site,
running about 5.5/6 oz, a bit more firm than usual, and great for
making straps, dog collars, or long strips that you can wrap around a
Blue Spruce tree this coming December for your planned Punk Christmas
gala.  Rock on.  I think that's what the kids say, but, as a new AARP
member I probably have that wrong.  Check out our Black Strap sides on
the site, please.

Need a nice, soft coffee brown cowhide side leather, and do you need
that side to be big?  So big, in fact that you're pretty sure you saw
this particular cow on the East German Olympic Team back in the late
1970s (28-29 sq ft each)?  Well then, you need our Java Alert sides.
This leather is beautiful and looks very, very useful. It's on the
Sides and Hides page.

What else is new?  Hmmm, the weather is hot..oh - I remember - the
rain stopped!  Almost 5 days without a major frog floater, so maybe
we're heading into a new weather pattern (hot, dry, and dusty).  The
entire State of Maine is ready for it, no doubt, so we're not even
complaining much about the heat.  Much.

Big D-ring shipment is in - we'll get these added to the site as soon
as we can.  I'll probably type out another one of these digital fish
wrappers to let you know when they're posted.  I know - you can barely
wait.  You were always a bit sarcastic you know.

Over and out-
Churchill Barton
Master Chili Chef and Dog Washer
Auburn, Maine

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