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September 16, 2009

Sometimes in January up here in Maine you can find yourself wishing
for just a little bit of humdiddy (humidity to those of you who have
the misfortune to live outside of Maine) so that your lungs can relax
a bit and maybe your nose could go a day without bleeding.  Just a
little moisture in the air, that's all you want, and you'll do things
like putting a half-filled teakettle atop the woodstove or sawing
through the drier's vent hose so that that vapor stays inside the
cabin. Contrast that with late summer, and it's just the opposite.
We've had enough heat (in Maine heat means anything north of 50
degrees) and humdiddy to last us.  Enough already.  We're sick and
tired of breaking a sweat when all you did was get up off the sofa to
hit the switch on the window fan.  Sick of getting sweat in our eyes
while trying to find one last batch of pole beans in what's left of
the garden; sick of flapping our arms like a diseased bird to get some
air flowing through the shirt sleeves, and good and flat out sick of
thinking up any excuse to drive the truck somewhere just so you can
crank the window down and get a breeze.  Luckily, things changed this
week - we've got a cool air mass over us, so the entire state is in a great
mood.  Even the lobsters were smiling the other night when I dropped
em in the pot. Briefly.

It feels so good to be inhaling dry air that I guess something came
over me, like a cool, blue curtain of bliss draped down over my eyes,
with a gentle breeze whispering in my ear, and that whisper said,
"Hey, Jack-Ball, why don't you spice up the Deal of The Week?" OK,
back to work.  I get it.  I know that most of you check out our Deal
of the Week every Wednesday morning, because you were smart
enough to put it in that electronic calendar that's on your phone/PDA/PC/laptop,
or you wrote it on your hand, so that you get reminded of it weekly.

That's why so many of you have taken advantage of our recent deals,
like the one with the 2 week vacation in Paris including round trip
airfare, all your meals, free champagne, and 10 free full cowhides for
just $50 (what? you missed that one? That's a shame).

In case you've missed some recent DOTWs, this week we've strung together
5 deals from which you can choose, or, keeping in mind that my eldest
daughter is a high school senior this year, support the College Savings Fund
by buying some of each of the deals.  You can find this week's list of Deals here:

We had our annual summer lobster feast last weekend.  I know that some of you
hink we eat lobster every day up here, the same way we think that if you live in
Kansas City you eat steak morning noon and night, or if you live in Tennessee
you practically bathe in barbecue sauce, or you gargle with crawfish down in southern
Louisiana, but the plain truth is that we don't eat lobsters too terribly often.  It's a treat
when we do, and it's also the only meal I can think of that requires a tool kit to eat.
I like to sit down after we take them out of the pot and go for the hard-to-get-at parts first.
Those little leg joints up inside the body, for example.  I save the smaller claw for last,
as that's my favorite part.  Keep in mind that a number of lobstermen and seafood
companies up this way have websites, so a quick search for Maine Lobster will have these
on your plate tomorrow.  That's just plain good eating, right there.

OK, so now that I've made you hungry I'm gone. Thanks and keep an eye
out for the first frost - supposed to hit us tomorrow night.  Cover
the tomatoes!

Over and out-
Brettuns Village Leather