Brettuns Village Trunks & Leather

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September 24, 2000

Hi Gang:

A few weeks ago I had threatened to put together a listing of all the
assorted, miscellaneous, extra, leftover, odd-ball, orphaned hides and
sides* we had in the barn, so you could pick and choose to get the ones
you can use. Finally did it.  Well, sort of.  I listed 70 of them.  As
these sell we'll add more.  Putting together a web page with 70 links to
photographs and 70 PayPal buttons is really a good time.  It's at least as
much fun as the challenging Uhrobo Tribe's (Nigeria - I spent a few years
there) "Bare legged stroll through flaming pits with snakes and broken
beer bottles, followed by general flogging by the local police" vacation
extravaganza that you've no doubt participated in before.  70 was all I
could stand.  There's a little bit of everything on the list - thick
sides, thin sides, whole calf hides, a little scrap of caribou, patent
leather, oil tanned sides, veg tan shoe upper sides, and even these tiny
little calf hides that look like they came from something the size of our
puppy.  Bad visual there.

I'm letting you newsletter victims have this list all to yourselves for a
few days.  After that I'll have it linked to our site so the hounding
masses can have at it.  Shop early and often, or something like that.
Here you go:

I put a PayPal button next to each item, but you don't have to purchase
that way.  We still take checks and money orders, or you can still call
our toll free number (1-844-492-4930) to place a credit card order.

Also added some new Rapid Rivets to the parts page, and changed the site
around so that all prices include shipping/handling/daughters' college
fund donation/dog food tax, so what you see is what you pay.  Simpler than
it was.  Supposed to be, anyway.

That's it, hope you're having a good weekend.  Soon as I get away from
this keyboard I plan to start having one too.

Best Regards;
Churchill Barton
Brettuns Village Leather

* Note:  from the Committee For Redundancy Committee