Brettuns Village Trunks & Leather

Old Trunks, New Leather.  All from Maine.

October 9, 2009

I've always thought of the Fall as the best time of year up this way,
and not just because of the wild colors that are all over the place
(by this I mean the clothes that the Leaf Gawkers wear), and not just
because of the reduction in general humdiddy, which I reported on last
time, but mostly because Maine is in its glory right now.  The Fall
colors are spectacular, of course, and the weather has been good, and
the ducks are flying and the deer are prancing so the prospects are
good for the freezer.  It's a great time of year hereabouts.

I had a great afternoon in the tree stand last week; stood with my bow
while three small deer walked around under the stand, just before
sunset.  They hung around for about 15 minutes or so, but were a
little on the small side, so I just watched and tried to learn a
little bit about their behavior - something that may help me in future
outings.  What I learned was this:  sniff each leaf before you eat it.
 I'm not sure how that'll come in handy but it'll probably pay off

Last Friday, and again this morning, That Dog and I were up at 4am, on
the river by 5:30 or so, and ready for ducks by legal time.  Last week
the ducks cooperated, and Jenny showed that she still remembered how
to swim and which end of a duck to grab in her mouth.  This week we
had a nice nap; nothing to shoot at, as I don't like the taste of some
ducks so we let them pass, waiting for the tastier ones to show up.
They never showed up today, which was fine, as we had a nice show to
watch - three eagles working their way up and down the river, trying
to find a sleeping trout or duck on the surface.  We had a great
morning out there.  The coffee was good too - see what I mean? It's a
great time of year to be in Maine, and if you ain't in Maine, you
ought to be so get it figured out and get over here pronto.

We've got a nice new tool on the Tools page, coincidentally - a
leather branding iron. OK, it's really a wood burner that's been
throttled back on heat so that it works well with leather, and it
comes with these cool brass tips that screw in so you can brand little
figures into your project.  I like these irons and the tips that come
with them - was able to draw a leaping marlin in just a few seconds,
even though in Maine we don't see many leaping Marlins other than on
the boob tube. Then I branded two hearts on either side of it to make
it a Valentine's Day Marlin, which has never (evah!) been seen
upcountry.  A nice tool.

New leathers - garment grade natural looking cowhide sides in a nubuck
texture ("Nubuck - Like Suede Only Not So Nappy" - bumper sticker seen
in East Harpswell a few weekends ago) in bone or tan.  These look very
natural and are quite soft.  They're on the Sides and Hides page, of

Red Dog - have you seen this leather?  It's also on the Sides & Hides
page - a re-tanned latigo leather, thick and sturdy, reddish brownish
color, sort of.  Great for armoring up before you go over to the
fairgrounds on the weekend so you and your friends can whack the
living daylights out of each other with swords.  Whatever.

Also on that page- a new batch of Prairie Mud and another of Natural
Tan Chainsaw - both were very popular leathers so we were glad to get
more in stock. The Chainsaw hit the site this morning and is almost
gone, so, well, any more gibberish and I'll just sound like a
salesman.  I like this Chainsaw stuff. I haven't made anything with
it yet but that's just because I can't find my stapler.

One more item on that page for those of you who crave purple things in
your abode.  You've already got purple pajamas, purple pillows, purple
shoes, and purple sweaters, picture frames, eating utensils, jewelry,
and socks.  You know who you are.  Believe me, the rest of us know who
you are too.  We've got your leather - Purple Cow - a new addition to
the site today.  Nice, soft leather, nappa quality cowhide sides that
will match your new purple contact lenses.

Sure, there's more new stuff on that page, but you'll see it when you
have time to poke around, I figure.  New items on the Clearance page
too, and don't forget to check out the list of items we have on our
Deal of the Week, which is here:


There are some great deals on there, and some that have sold out, like
just the other day when we sold out of brand new 2010 Ford pick-up
trucks that were being test marketed through us for just $100 each.
I'm sure sorry you missed that one.  Might be a good idea to check the
Deal of the Week on Wednesdays, but I'll leave that up to you.

OK, time for me to wake up That Dog and head for the farm - another
week down the tubes.  On the way home Jenny will give me a sign to let
me know where she wants to hunt tomorrow morning.  Usually she picks
Burger King but we'll see.

Have a great weekend-
Churchill Barton, Assistant Plucker
Brettuns Village Leather