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Old Trunks, New Leather.  All from Maine.

October 28, 2002


Made it back from vacation in one piece.  Had a great hunting trip in the Allegheny National Forest in NW Pennsylvania.  That's got to be one of the most beautiful forests in all the land.  Maine is known as the Pine Tree State, so we see lots of evergreens up here.  PA should be known as the Hardwood State, instead of "the State that Takes Six hours to Drive Across and Smells Like Crude Oil."  The forest there was nothing but high quality hardwoods, all in full fall glory.  The hunting was slow, but the sleeping (including several hours of snoozing under the trees while pretending to be hunting) was excellent.  I hunted with Fred Schoolik - sort of a legend in that region, known for his outdoor skills and fine leather work.  He's featured on our "Customer's Showcase" page on the site.  Thanks for the great trip, Fred.

So now we're back in the shop and I promised another sale on purple suede.  Here you go - get 6 purples for $100, delivered.  Just use PayPal of our credit card page, or e-mail to let us know you're mailing a check.  Sale lasts one week.  If you take advantage of this deal we'll throw in a bag of 100 brass key rings too, as long as supplies last.  I'm tired of tripping over that crate of keyrings.

Sold out of tooling sides - those 6 oz veg tan sides that were so darned expensive.  Took a while for those to catch on but eventually some groups, mostly Leather Guilds (we love those groups), discovered these sides and gobbled them up.  We can get more if we hear from our customers to let us know there's a market.  Drop a note if you care.

Received word upon our return that we were the winning bidder on a foreclosure auction involving several types of braided trim work - looks like guitar straps if you ask me - and a few tons of eyelets, cordlocks, and some other stuff.  Soon as we get it shipped up here we'll add it to the site.  Two tractor trailer loads.  Gadzooks.  I know I said this three years ago, and again last year, but I swear I'm going to buy a fork truck one of these days.

That's it.  Thanks-
Churchill Barton
Brettuns Village Leather
Auburn, Maine

25 degrees outside, by the way.