Brettuns Village Trunks & Leather

Old Trunks, New Leather.  All from Maine.

October 30, 2000


Just when we get used to living in this wild explosion of color known as
leaf gawking season, along comes our first good storm, wipes the leaves
off the trees, and covers us in snow.  We're suddenly thrust into winter,
all too quickly, once again.  All those things we hoped to finish on the
house over the summer (new roof over the parlor, replace the upstairs
windows, etc) get instantly postponed until next mud season, with firewood
becoming more of a 'priority of the moment.'

Need a Louis Vuitton in your living room?  We've got one listed on eBay
right at the moment, thought you might like to see it.  This particular
trunk belongs to one of our customers, they asked us to list it on eBay
for them.  It's doing OK.

Some folks take advantage of our eBay-related services.  You can too.  We
offer the following:

1.  See a trunk on eBay that you want to bid on, but you want to know a
little more about it?  E-mail a link to us, we'll check it out and give
you our honest opinion about the trunk.  No charge for this service.

2.  Want to sell a trunk of yours on eBay but don't know how to swing it?
We'll help get the item listed, tend the auction, etc.  You ship the
trunk.  Simple.  Fee?  A flat $25.

3.  Need help with setting up your eBay empire?  Feel free to ask, we'll
do our best to help.  No charge for this either.  Have you heard that
phrase, "the blind leading the blind?"

4.  Some folks like to buy one of our trunks then list it on eBay to see
if they can be a trunk daytrader.  Buy low, sell high.  Or buy high, sell
higher.  Whatever.  Feel free to buy it from us, let us know what you want
to do with the auction (opening bid, reserve price, etc) and we can list
it for you.  We can even ship it, no big deal.  Our fee varies for this,
depends on how much support you need.  If it's just shipping, we get $25
for packing, plus the actual UPS or Airborne fee.

There you go.  Hope you remembered to change your clocks.  I never look at
clocks anymore, I just get up when the dog whines or one of the cats
lands, with no warning whatsoever, in the middle of my back, claws
extended.  Time to go out.

Our new line of trunk straps have been selling well, but a few folks have
asked for longer ones.  We now have straps that have buckle ends 20" long,
rather than 12" as before.  Both models are available.

Enjoy your week, I'll be on vacation, heading up to New Brunswick with
some Ducks Unlimited pals.  We're staying at the Whistle Stop Inn and will
be mucking around in the marshes, looking at a big wetland
restoration project that the group has funded.  Supposed to be a lot of
ducks in there.  Should be fun.  I always find trunks when I go to New
Brunswick; a heck of a lot of immigrants arrived there back in the 1800s.
I think every last one of them had a trunk, and they all dumped them once
ashore.  We call that "a good spot."

Churchill Barton
Brettuns Village