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November 5, 2002

Promised I'd let you know about some new arrivals in the barn here at Brettuns
Village Leather.  First, let's get something out of the way right off the bat.
Summer's long gone, and Fall never came.  We went straight from late summer to
the dead of winter this year.  How do I know?  Everything outside is white,
that's how.  Last night it was snowing to beat the band out there.  Here's a
couple of pictures from this morning:

(lost these a few years ago)

Lazy person that I am, I just snap these pictures from the window next to the
desk here.

My favorite summer memory?  Swimming in Brettuns Pond, as usual.  I like to
snorkel in the pond, scope out where the fish are, then go back later with rod &
reel and wonder why they moved.  I have a faithful snorkeling companion.  See
for yourself:

our dog sells good leather at great prices

We got in a load of unusual parts and accessories for your leather crafts.
Cordlocks, decorative woven trim, and - brace yourself because I know you've
been waiting for these - lacing eyelets!  Yes, it's true.  After months of going
without lacing eyelets, we finally have them back in stock.  These came from a
shoe/boot/slipper plant and have a nice, antique brass finish.  Oh, how I've
missed having eyelets to count.  Rolling across the table, getting stuck in the
soles of my workboots, gouging up the wood floors, slipping and sliding through
every nook and cranny.  Look - get em quick before they go out as scrap metal.
See them here:

You know those black double butt splits we have?  Still have way too many of
those - so I guess they're overpriced or something.  It's useful leather for
linings, building up layers, or making 'distressed' leather items.  Let's sell
those things.  5 hides for $100, delivered (USA only).  You should end up with
about 90 square feet of leather, delivered right to your barn from ours, for
what seems like a reasonable price to me. 

Use PayPal (to [email protected]), or drop us an e-mail to let us know
you're mailing a check, or call toll-free (1-844-492-4930) to leave your order on
the machine.  Simple.  By the way - our credit card page seems to have died
completely.  Working on that.

Well, I'd love to type some more but I've gotta go change the oil in the
snowblower and get it cranked up.  It's always a little cantankerous the first
time each year.  I tell it to relax, only eight months until it gets to rest
again.  Nine, tops.

Over and out-
Churchill Barton
Brettuns Village Leather