Brettuns Village Trunks & Leather

Old Trunks, New Leather.  All from Maine.

November 5, 2006

Yes, BrettunsVillage is once again marching forward in our attempt to take over the planet.  Like all good offensive maneuvers, a good army always needs a place to start, then a plan to push ahead, and finally a common goal to be reached.  The goal is easy - Global Domination of Retail Markets on all fronts.  The plan is easy - find and fix as many old trunks as we can, find as much good leather as we can, sell it on the cheap, find the old keys you need, keep an eye out for new opportunities.  The place to start was easiest of all - right here in the Corporate Barn.  Kick out the goat, a little sweeping, and that's that.  The new opportunity thing - that's what I'm focused on right now.  This, of course, is because my Mom lives in Florida.

Mom, known to her fellow South Floridians as Mary Louise (Churchill) Barton, but better known as Mimi to our daughters, is a native of New England, and has gathered antiquities from upcountry for decades.  These are incredibly valuable items; so valuable, in fact, that they're all crammed in closets and the attic in her house down there.  Time to clean them out.  So, Mimi being the energetic person she's always been (George Washington U., married an Annapolis man, start and ran a successful computer business for years, sold it, and now, somewhere around the 32nd anniversary of her 39th birthday, she can be seen around town drifting corners in her candy-apple red PT Cruiser), decided to start selling off some of her treasures on the web.  Witness the birth of:

'What's in Mimi's Attic?"

This is the latest addition to the BrettunsVillage empire, and I thought you might like to take a look:

Check it out when you have a chance, and check back from time to time, because she's planning to heat up the digital camera.

Trunk news - holiday special time, so here's your chance to buy two trunks and save some dough, or buy ten and save $600 (bigger the bait the bigger the fish).  Get a trunk for everyone on your list this year, and I doubt if they'll ever forget you.  Try it.

Leather news - new tools on the Tool page - some nice new square punches that are worth a look.  Check the Clearance page too, as we've done some adding to that mess.

Saw a snow flurry the other day, or maybe it was just a paint chip.  Hard to say.  Still feels pretty warm for this time of year, grass is still green, and only a couple of frosts so far.  I guess if this global warming thing keeps up we'll be planting coconuts year after next.

Churchill Barton, Advertising Chimp