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November 14, 1999

Hi Folks:

As promised, we've put together a little page to let you peek into the
barn.  A few items are for sale, most are awaiting refinishing.  You'll
see.  Here's a link:

Had our first snow yesterday, not much over a half-inch, but that didn't
stop us from getting the saucers out and screaming down Blood And Guts
Mountain (the hill next to the driveway) and making the season's first
snowman.  He was mostly leaves, looked a little hairy.  It reminded us
that Fall is about gone up this way.  If you missed  the fall in New
England, you missed a good show.  Here's a few pictures for you in case
you missed it:

Last but not least, we finally added a history section to the website.
It's small right now, but will be growing.  Take a look:  (takes wicked long
to load up - lots of graphics).

OK, now really last but not least, our next newsletter will be a special
"Vuitton-o-Rama".  Would you believe we have two Vuittons in the shop,
and another on the way this week?  Three in one place at one time.
Maybe old Louie's ghost will show up and thumb his nose at our other
trunks.  Maybe it'll be like the planets lining up (everybody gets all
worked up, but nothing really happens at all).  Don't miss the next
Drop by and check out our new snow blower.  What a riot, huh?

Hi again, sorry for the intrusion-

I forgot to mention one more thing, well, two more.  So far.

Bangor trunk rehabbers Don and Susan Gaudet have been hard at work on
some trunks down east.  Susan does the best job of paper lining trunks
that we've ever seen or heard of.  Don's pretty sharp on the outside of
the darned things as well.  We have one of their trunks listed on our
For Sale page, and I had intended to let you know about it last
newsletter.  I guess the memory is going.  Now that I'm 40 and all.
Anyway, take a look at their work and let us know if you're interested
in the trunk:

The other thing I wanted to mention is that we have received our first
group of leather handles back from the factory that will be making them
for us.  The handles look great, and we'll be able to sell them for
quite a bit less than other parts suppliers do.  We're ordering up about
1,000 of them to start (500 trunks worth), and I'll be sure to let you
all know when we have them available for sale.

Thanks to everyone who expressed interest in the trunks we showed you
the other day.  We're working on them and making great progress.  Keep
in mind that there's no better way to store your holiday decorations
than putting them in a trunk, particularly one that's been lined in
holiday fabric.  We keep our decorations in an old German trunk that has
a series of four lift-out trays.  Just right for those tangled webs of
lights, garland, tinsel, cat hair, old gift ribbons, and other stuff
that we chucked in at the last moment New Year's Day past.

Sure is cold and windy.  Ain't it?
Churchill Barton
Brettuns Village