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November 18, 2002


For about the last three or four days we've been getting hit with all kinds of slime from the sky here in Maine.  Ice, sleet, rain, snow, and maybe a few others.  A little early in the year for this kind of mess, if you ask me.

On a lighter note - almost Thanksgiving!  Got your bird yet?

Here's an important note - we're closing the shop for vacation starting this Friday, November 22nd and won't be open again until December 3rd.  A nice, long break.  Just what we need, believe me.  Business has been good this year, thanks to you customers, and we appreciate it.  We're also exhausted, so off we go to relax.  I know I told you the same thing when we went to PA in October, and when we went up to New Brunswick two weeks ago, but this time I really, really mean it.

So if you place an order next week it won't ship out until the week after.  If that's a problem, wait until the following week and then place your order - we'll ship it within 48 hours, just like always (note - if you do the math on this one, or look at your calendar, you'll see that I just told you the same thing twice, basically).

Leather - got in some new interesting scrap types, including four tons (yep, 8,000 pounds) of genuine American Buffalo (bison) leather in brown and black, a small load (about a thousand pounds) of elk plonge in chocolate brown, and a new pattern of camoflage leather (Hardwoods).

Hold on to your horses - don't try to order this stuff yet - it's all locked up in la Bodega for the time being.  When we get back from vacation we'll put it up for sale to you subscribers first, and at a special price.  We'll be dropping our price for the buffalo from our regular $8 per pound to $5 per pound with free - oh, never mind - you know what the prices include by now I hope -(OK, but just in case you're a new subscriber, shipping for USA locations is always free), same price for the elk leather.  The camo will go for $3 per pound.  I'll let you know when we're back and ready to pack/ship this stuff.

Trunks - We have a load of beaters in the barn - fixer uppers that need a new home.  Once we get back from vacation we'll be adding these to the 'As-Is' page so you can adopt a project in time for the holidays.  I'll let you know when we have them posted.

So, since we won't be chatting until well into the first week of December, here's wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.  Don't watch too much football, and don't eat too darned much.  Go outside and take a walk - just make sure none of this airborne slime is headed your way first.

Churchill Barton
VP In Charge of Vacation Planning
Brettuns Village Trunks & Leather
Auburn, Maine