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December 11, 2008


Ho Ho Ho:

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, as long as your Christmas cards show tree limbs bending down under the weight of a lot of ice,power lines sparking in the street, and shivering Mainers.  Another ice storm - what fun.  Supposed to be a pretty good one, or, as Elizabeth would say, a rip-tailed snorter.  Last time we had one of these was in 1998, and corporate HQ went without power for nine days after that one.  So, if we're a little tough, or tougher than usual, to reach over the next few days you'll know why.

This is not, repeat, not, my usual pre-Christmas e-mail.  You know, the one where I list the things I DO NOT want for Christmas and wishyou the best of the season.  This isn't it.  I'll pound that one out later in the month.  This one, right here, in front of you on yourmonitor or blackberry or cell phone or digital tablet or ocular piezo-voltaic protonabulator is just to give you some news.  Full cowhide news.

Last week a shipment of 30 pallets of full cowhides arrived here.  You know the forklift story, so we had it delivered to our warehouse,where the landlord graciously ran the fork truck to get the pallets off the truck and into our storage space.  These 30 pallets contain alittle over 1000 full cowhides of some of the nicest upholstery leather you can get your hands on.  or your forklift on.  Colors?  You name it.  Sort of like that big box of 64 crayons that that guy across the aisle from you had back in 2nd grade, while you sat there with your new set of 8, trying to mix green and yellow to make purple.  I never liked that kid much.  Anyways, lots of colors, and we've added a few of them to the site already, on the Full Hides and Sides page, if you care to take a look.

Our price on these is simple - $100 flat, delivered to your door, as long as your door is in the 48 states. Tried to get one of these to fit in a flat rate box for you folks in AK and HI but the hides are too big - up to 60 sq ft each. Big cows I guess.  East German Olympic Team cows, for those of you old enough to remember.  All this stuff comes from excellent tanneries in the US and Italy, no excuses needed for the quality - it's excellent.

We've also found some partial hides - like a couch cushion was cut out of the middle - and we're adding these to the Clearance page as time permits.

Thanks a lot, by the way, for all the orders that you've been pouring over the transom in recent weeks.  Haven't been bothering you much with these horrifying newsletters, mostly because we've been too busy.  Thanks.

The ice is piling up - I think the lights are getting dimmer.  Should be a doozie.

Churchill Barton
Parking Lot Sander
Brettuns Village Leather
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