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List of Trunk Makers
(By no means does this list contain all makers - these are just the ones we've run across)
Feel free to add to the list by dropping us an e-mail

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H and M Trunks & Suitcases
"Made in California
A Home Product"
(Believed to be Herckert & Meisel)
Hadley & Farmers
Trunk Makers, NY, NY, est. 1850
Haines, George
Pittsburgh, est. 1904
Friendly website visitor Bob Lloyd writes:
I have a flat top trunk that has a metal tag and a paper tag that says Geo.S. Haines Co. Pittsburgh established 1874 
(note:  Maybe this was George Sr, then the 1904 date was Junior - just a guess)
Hamilton, Alexander 
trunk-maker 348 N Front Street
Shown in 1825 Philadelphia City Directory
(Special thanks to Matt Ainslie for providing info on makers from Philadelphia)
Harband Brothers
(or Julius Harband)
According to the 1903 San Francisco business directory, the company was by then called Harband Brothers 
and was manufacturing trunks at 3253 Folsom St in San Francisco
Thanks to Robert Arnold for sending this one along.
Hartmann Co.
Still in business today.  Established in 1877.  Now based in Tennessee. 
Visit their website
Haskell Brothers
Chicago, sole leather trunks and standard travel trunks.
See some old ads here.
Hathaway, Thomas
Broad Street, Boston
Hawthorn & Sons
Makers, Walnut Street, Philadelphia
Hazelton, Isaiah
trunk m�r, George Street above 11th Street (listed as such but in Bank Street in 1823 dir.)
Shown in 1825 Philadelphia City Directory
Headley & Farmer
Had a store or shop on Astor Place in New York City, started in 1842
Often uses brass tags on top of their trunks.  Made cabin trunks and other styles
Herckert & Meisel Trunk Co.
910 Washington Avenue, St. Louis, also in California
May 20, 1929
Hercules Trunks
Made by Standard Fiber Co in the early 1900s
Hibbard, W. R. & Co.
Manufacturers of Ladies Satchels, and Dealers in Leather Bags
and First Class Travelling Requisites
345 and 346 Notre Dame Street, Montreal
Thanks to Shelley for reminding us to add old man Hibbard to the list
Plain label with this name - maker or reseller?  No idea 
 Hill, James R.
153 Main Street, Concord, NH 
 Hirschfelder and Meaney
36 Battery Street, San Francisco
"Guaranteed Unbreakable"
 Hodge, Levi W.
Nashua, NH
"Saddles, Trunks, Harnesses Made and Repaired"
 Hovey, A J
"Hats, Robes, & Trunks"
Lyons, NY
Hoyes, George S.
44 and 46 Union Square East, New York City
Thanks to David Byers up in Ontario for sending this one in
 Hughes, JR & Co.
Showroom at 40 N. High Street, Columbus, OH
Patented 1897  Brass oval nameplate, jar holders in trunk
 Hugo, Jacobi
Dresden, Germany
Arrowhead-shaped handles
 Hulbert Brothers
Trunks & Bags
Repairing a Specialty - also (thanks, Jean!) Fine trunks, suitcases and bags our specialty
Hutchinson & Hawes
Harness makers, Merrimack Street, Lowell, Mass. Have no idea of the date, but paperwork inside 9scraps of old receipts, etc.) are dated anywhere from 1832 to late 1800s.
Kay Soldier, Historian/Curator, Windham, Maine Historical Society (Thanks, Kay!)
Independent Trunk & Bag Co
Makes of the "Dependo" trunk - wardrobe style
Petersburg, VA - perhaps related to Seward in the same town
 Indestructo Trunk Co.
Patent dates 1922-1925
Mishawaka, IN (National Veneer Products Co)
Most of their trunks were numbered, 
but nobody can find the registration list
Innovation Trunk Co.
Wardrobe style trunks from the early 1900s, with 'bulges' on top and side 
to avoid stacking.  Logo - INNOVATION
Wardrobe-style trunk (thanks to Tim Raglin for this one)
Jackaberry Trunk Co.
Cleveland, OH
 James - Dunn Box Co.
Newark, NJ 
 Johns, R.H.
Galveston, TX trunk factory
 Karri-Keen Co.
Sioux City, IA
Made crates, boxes, trunks, cases under many contracts
 Kaufman & Strauss
75th and Duane St, New York
To tell you the truth we believe this company was in the business of printing colorful lithographs and labels -
we don't believe they made trunks at all.  Everything we've found on these two guys suggests they were printers.  Darn it.
Kelley, Robert
Kelley, Thomas
trunkma�r 57 S Front Street 
shoe & trunk sto[re], 70 High Street. 
Both shown in 1825 Philadelphia City Directory
 Kellogg & Clark, Makers
13 Court Street, Boston
Established 1836, Makers of fine cases, trunks, and militaria
 Kleler's Trunk & Bag Co.
Wardrobe trunks, Pennsylvania
K. Kneessi's Sons
Kaspar Kneessi and his sons made trunks, luggage, saddles, etc  - anything in leather from the 1860s up til the late 1920's. 
From the 1900s on, they did retail other vendors products as well but they always made their own stuff. Based in Wash., DC
 Contact the grandson of the founder by e-mail
Additional information available here
 Knobel Bothers
Superbilt Trunks (wardrobes) made from vulcanized fibre 
 Krupp, JF
Peoria, IL 
 Kuntzendorf, C.
 Lang, DC & JH
519 Main Street, FOND DU LAC, WIS.
Thanks to Mike Gerstbauer for sending this one in
 Lange, Ernst
German trunks with ash runners 
A prolific trunk maker with some operations in NJ but based in Canada. 
Frank Langmuir held a few patents for the company's own design of trunk hardware pieces.
 Lansing Wheelbarrow Co
Slight dome trunks
Mr. Sparrow, President, A.C. Stebbins, Secretary and Gen. Mgr.
 Laub Brothers
Baggage Makers, Louisville, KY, wardrobe trunks
1867 on handle
 Leatheroid Manufacturing Co
Locations in Philadelphia, New York City, and Kennebunk, Maine
Patents begin in 1892
 S. Levy Co
"S. Levy Trunks and Satchels, Memphis, Tenn. established 1845"
Thanks to Henry Roye, PE, for sending this one in.
 Libbey, Isaac
Rochester, New Hampshire "Near the fairgrounds" 
 Liebermann Trunk Co.
Leather goods, trunks.  Special thanks to Ken Roubal for the following info:
The company was originally in Saginaw but the owners moved to Lansing in 1931.  Here is a link to an old article about the owners and their business
 Likly, Henry
Rochester, NY, est. 1844.  Most early trunks were black on the outside
Likly, McDonald & Rockett
Trunk Manufacturers, 122, 124 & 126 Superior St., Cleveland, Ohio
Still in business:
Likly-Rockett Luggage Co. 
Phone Number :    (419) 522-5312
 39 N Mulberry St
    Mansfield, OH 44902
 Lorenz, William
Label says "Maker" and not much else
 Lowell Trunk Co.
Lowell, MA "Established 1881, P. F. Devine, Prop." 
Los Angeles Trunk Co.
"Union Made"
 Luce Trunk Co
The "Stateroom" model, with many numbers stamped on it 
Luce was located at 722 main St in Kansas City, MO (and we know that thanks to Jan Becker - thanks, Jan!)
 Lutz & Co.
"Trunks Made with Stacking Trays" 
 Maas & Co.
Thanks to Susan Traversy for sending this one in:
We have a doll size dometop / camelback trunk withn the label of 
E.MAAS manufacturer and dealer in Trunks and Bags Ladie's Worsted Bags and Shawl Straps Made To Order 
A fine line of Pocket Books & Umbrellas on Hand All Kinds Of Repairing Neatly And Properly Done 
191 TREMONT STREET Corner Boylston Street BOSTON.
 There is a leafy scroll border typical of the 1850s to 1880s. It has a fitted interior with wall paper and a green painted canvas cover with wood slats.
 MacKenny, G. E., Manufacturer
Chattanooga, TN
Mahlman, Charles 
"Trunks, Satchels, & Traveling Bags" 
32 Pike Street, Covington, KY 
Mahlon, Philip
trunk maker, 86 Plum Street Shown in 1825 Philadelphia City Directory
 Maidrite Trunk Co
Wardrobe trunks, some with production ID numbers 
 Maier, Martin & Co
55 Monroe Ave, Detroit  Established 1865
Later moved to 102 Woodward Avenue
"Full Line of Sample Trunks"
 Malm, C.A.,  & Co.
Established in 1900, San Francisco 
 March, Nathaniel
"Producing Trunks, saddles, parade gear, hats, and harnesses of all types, since 1809 in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire" 
Marhoff, H.H.
Omaha, NE, 1880s.  Thanks to John Oudyn for this link:
 Marshall Field
This retailer may have produced their own trunks, but it is widely believed that they contracted them out. 
Some Marshall Field trunks are fitted with tags from Hartmann, OshKosh,  Langmuir, and others.
Barb sent us en e-mail to let us know that her Marshall Field trunk has a Henry Likly label on it.  Thanks, Barb!
 Martins, A. G.
A store in Para, Brasil, where trunks made in the USA were sold (A Mala Americana!).
Thanks to Barb Ballard for this discovery!
 Maud, William H.
Established 1850, Salem, Massachusetts
"Hide-covered trunks of the highest quality and craftmanship"
 McBrine, L. Co, Ltd.
Kitchner, Canada
Lock is stamped "EA Mahon, Montreal"
McCabe-Bierman Wagon
This company became McCabe Powers Carriage/Body Company.
Full history available here:powers
McCarthy, G.W
"Trunk & Bag Manufacturer, Latest Novelties, Repairing Neatly Done"
313-315 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY
No. 44 School Street, Boston MA  (mid 1800s)
Thanks, Scott!
 McGee, John 
"Manufacturer of Trunks, Ladies Satchells, etc."
108 No. Howard Street, Baltimore
Was either bought by Franklin Williams or vice-versa - 
the two companies used the same address.
 McKeever, Thomas 
"Trunk Maker 
1144 Broadway Near 26th St. New York
Ladies'&Gent's trunks, traveling bags, satchels &c.
Repairing done and covers made to order"
Thanks to Kristi D. for sending this one in
Montreal - made trunks under several different names, including McLeod-Hawthorne and McLeod-Shotton, and finally just plain old McLeod. 
 McLean, Daniel & Son
Nova Scotia
"Makers of all types of leather goods"
 McNamara, J.H. Trunk Co.
Chicago   Metal tag on lid, paper label inside
 McReeney & Co.
34th Street and 5th Avenue
Retailer of wardrobe trunks - we don't believe they actually made their own trunks
 Meek, A. E.
"Located in the center of Denver" 
St Louis, made wardrobe trunks in the 1920s and 30s 
 Mendel Trunx
Mendel made trunks with several partners, including Mendel-Drucker, Hartmann, and others.  Famous for his wardrobe 'Trunx'
 Meyering Trunk Co.
Chicago - may have made trunks for Sears 
 Minson, F.B.
Yorktown, VA "FB Minson, Maker" 
 Miller, R. L.
Trunk Factory - Saginaw, Michigan (always had many compartments
 Molloy, George
Manufacturer and Seller of Trunk of All Types 
 Monitor Auto Trunk Co
New York (picture of the ship Monitor on label) 
 Monson, John
Fargo, ND
Sent in by helpful website visitor Marie B.  Thanks!
 Moore, J. Co
Worcester, MA 
 Morrison, L.E. and Co.
Beehive Trunk Co (brass tag) 
Thanks very much to A. Klinker for finding this info:
It was L. E. Morrison's conviction that citizens of every town, like Indianapolis, needed protection from the elements. To encourage this, Morrison sold them with rain coats, rubber boots and shoes. In 1877 he purchased his stock of merchandise in Boston, where he had received his training and experience at the American Rubber Company, and founded his own rubber company in Indianapolis at age 23.  Morrison first established his business on the edge of the shopping district at the Bates House, on the corner of Illinois and Washington Street--known today as Claypool Courts. His rent was $60.00 a month. He could have rented a space where the L.S. Ayres store was eventually built for $100.00 a month, however, he thought he would save some money at Bates House. He soon discovered he needed to be closer to the center of town. In 1897 he moved to 36 West Washington Street. He was there for 27 years until he moved to 27 West Washington street. In 1925 he opened a branch on 18 North Pennsylvania Street.   In 1890 he began to add leather goods to his shop--it soon became the shop's specialty. At the turn of the century he perceived a change occurring in buying patterns. Customers were beginning to demand more luxury items then practical items. For instance, travel became more common. Consequently, the need for luggage and trunks increased. To accommodate this need Morrison stocked his store with an assortment of leather goods, luggage, and trunks. Sometime in the 1920s he discontinued his line of rubber items. Future generations carried on the business, which in1955 was still going strong. 
 Mortimer, George & Co
New York - Label states:
"Sample Trunks, Bags, Cases and Leather Goods for Clothiers, Jewellers, Undertakers, and Hardware Dealers"
Thanks to Gordon Hoseason for sending this one in!
 Moyle's Trunks & 
Travelling Bags
Savanah, GA
 Multnomah Co
"Man-Proof" wardrobe trunks, Portland, OR
 Murphy's Trunks, Cases, & Bags
"The Best Baggage Built" Always Guaranteed, St Louis
A little more information is available here
 Musgat, John
Trunks, Satchels, and Harnesses
Fon Du Lac, WI years of operation 1860 - 1889
The label inside the lid says:  �From Nash�s Trunk Factory, Trunks, Suit Cases and Bags, All Prices. 419 Jackson St.    Sioux City, IA�
Thanks to Katrin Deeg for sending this one in.
 National Veneer Products Co
Mishawaka, IN   Makers of Indestructo Trunks from 1903 to 1925
Most of their trunks were numbered, 
but nobody can find the registration list
National Trunk & Bag Co.
Newark NJ.  Label also states "NONBREAKABLE".  Appears to be 1920's - 30's era, black metal exterior with leather cross-straps and brass corners. 
Sent in by Steve Johnson.  Thanks very much, Steve.
See also Nonbreakable Trunk Co below
 Neat, Nathan
Washington Street, Boston
Established 1825, disappeared about 1885. 
Many of their trunks were black or red.
 Neverbreak Trunk Co
One of many name brands made and sold by Goldsmith
Newark, NJ
 WH Newton & Son
Professional Trunks
Thanks to Keith Allison for sending this one in:
I was looking on your list and did not see Newton Armored Trunks. I have one. Address was Newton and Son 80 ELM ST Cortland, NY and later
W.H. Newton and Son Professional Trunks 121 Elm St Cortland, NY. Thanks, Keith Allison!
 New England Trunk Co
Makers of MaidRite trunks in the 1920s and 1930s
By New Jersey Trunk Co.
Wardrobe trunks, 1920s or so
Newark, NJ
Thanks to Sommer for sending this one in!
Nonbreakable Trunk Co.
"My grandfather started a trunk and luggage manufacturing business Nonbreakable Trunks and Luggage after coming from 
Russia after the turn of the century.  It existed in Manhattan and then in the Bronx until the 70's" Eileen Lichtenthal 
Thanks very much for this information, Eileen
Nonrinkle Trunk Mfg Co.
(Sent in by Georgia Rodriguez, one of our favorite customers)
Colorado City, CO  Looks like a wall trunk
 Oklahoma Trunk Mfg Co
Tulsa, OK   from the 1920s we believe
 Omaha Trunk Factory
Omaha, Nebraska  Hinges were horseshoe shaped, tin plate on lid
 Orenstein Trunk Co
Deluxe BestBilt Model   Newark, NJ
 OshKosh Trunk Co
Huge manufacturer of trunks and suitcases in the early and mid 1900s.   Had a product line of over 2,000 items.  Went out of business for good in 1974
Read more here
Overing, John
trunk maker, corner of N. Juniper Street and Lambert Street
Shown in 1825 Philadelphia City Directory
 Overland Trunk Co
Maker of wardrobe trunks in New York City  1920s 
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