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List of Trunk Makers
(By no means does this list contain all makers - these are just the ones we've run across)
Feel free to add to the list by dropping us an e-mail  [email protected]

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P through Z (below)

P&S Trunks
Label actually says "Trunks That Wear, Everywhere" and is yellow
Pacific Trunk Co
Must have been out west someplace
Paine, J. R. Co
513 Main Street, Cambridge, Mass  most have rounded tops
Palica, F. J.
"Makers"     Racine, WI
Salt Lake City  "Tack Boxes and Trunks" 
 Parkhurst, J. F. & Son
Manufactured and Guaranteed by Parkhurst
Bangor, Maine ( we have a 1904 catalog from Parkhurst)
Pearson, Thomas
saddler and trunk maker, 24 Shippen Street
Shown in 1825 Philadelphia City Directory
(Special thanks to Matt Ainslie for providing info on makers from Philadelphia)
Peddie, C.B. & Co.
Makers of  trunks, bags, dress suit cases and fine leather goods
689 Broad St. Newark. NJ
(thanks to Deborah Shields for this one)
 Perkiomen Trunk & Bag
Wardrobe trunks, Philadelphia 
 Perry, E. and Co
Prize Winning Trunks 
 Petersburg Trunk & Bag
Metal tag on top - believed to be a subsidiary of Seward 
Maker of Fine Trunks 
 Phillips Trunk Factory
Supplied some trunks to Wards for a few years under contract
 Phoenix Trunk Co
Operated out west for several years, late 1800s.  They used many swastikas as decoration, 
but keep in mind that this was way before that symbol was used in Germany.
Plimpton Manufacturing Co.
See below (Porto)
Pollack, Henry, Trunk Co
"Polly Brand" trunks, made in Dallas, TX 
Made by Plimpton Manufacturing Co,
Walpole, Massachusetts
(thanks to Christian for this one!) 
 Powers, Jacob
Pre-Civil War trunks, Saddler, Harness Maker
Rockaway, NJ
(thanks, Angie, for sending us this one!) 
 Prager, J.E.
MFG. Trunks & Bags
717-8th Ave. Cor. 45th St. New York City 
(thanks to Quinten R. for finding this maker) 
 Preismeyer Brothers
"All Types of Trunks Made, Repaired and Sold" 
Quirk, James A.
St Louis, MO  Hump-back trunks, canvas covering
 Rashkin, Edward
Brooklyn, NY 
 Rauchbach & Goldsmith
These guys teamed up to make sturdy trunks in the 1910s-1940s.
Some military footlockers were also made by this company
Repelow & Son
New York 
 Reynolds, E.D.
Fremont Street, Portland, Maine
Wide open mouth on label
 Rice, Horace
30 Hanover Street, Boston, offering repair of trunks
Rich, Reed, & Atwood
TJ Bynum tells us:  Reiger made trunks in the 1870s.
His name was J.H. Rieger, business directory stated he made 
harness, saddles, trunks and valises and his business was on 204 Smithfield Street in Pittsburg
Thanks, TJ!
Rockford Trunk & Leather Co., Rockford, IL 
Rogers Trunks, 5-Ply, Genuine tin-covered dome tops
Rogers and Madison
R&M Trunk Corp, Petersburg, VA (somehow related to Sewards?)
Makers of the famous Romadka Ready Access Trunks, some patents in 1904
Roos, Ed
Forest Park, IL, amker of cedar chests. 
Thanks to Christine Shugarman for sending this link to additional information
Rose, DE
DE Rose Trunk Co., American Beauty trunks, Los Angeles, CA
Roulstone, G.
Trunks, Military items, caps, belts, etc.  7 Tremont Street, Boston  mid 1800s
Rountree, HW
HW Rountree & Brothers, patent dates of March 12, 1889 and May 2, 1892
"Well Made Trunks to Travel the Globe" early 1900s
Runcie, S. Henry
Buffalo, NY.  We have an old letter that's dated 1881, so Runcie goes back at least that far.
S&S Trunk & Bag
S&S stood for 'Service and Strength'  Philadelphia
Sage Trunk
Sage Trunk & Leather Goods, Boston, early 1900s automotive trunks
Sales, Julian
Leather goods and trunks, early 1900s, wardrobe trunks.  Toronto
San Antonio Trunk Factory
F. L. Simon, Proprietor  514 East Houston Street.  New Phone 1294
Professional trunks, all styles, made to order
San Antonio Leather Co
Hong Kong
 Saratoga Trunk Co
Rumored to be from Saratoga, NY
 Sawyer, Asa
Bangor, Maine - all manners of trunks repaired or constructed to customer specifications
 Scherr, George
Wooden tool boxes to suit the tradesman
 Schmilowitz, H
"Trunks, Bags, and Suitcases" on their label.
Third Avenue - probably NYC but can't read the label.
Thanks to Andy M for sending this one in.
 Scherr, George
Wooden tool boxes to suit the tradesman
 Schmit Brothers
Wardrobe and more modern trunks, based in Wisconsin  - changed name to Eagle
Schuff, Jacob J.
46 Forth Ave and 44th, Union Square, NY Ladies and Gents Traveling Trunks & European Dress Trunks
Sent in by B. Strong:  SCHUSSLER (Sp?), worked for TAYLOR for 25 years and continued under his own name when Taylor closed.
My father-in-law was a Circus Clown, when he ordered a trunk from Taylor, he received a letter from Schussler.
 Secor, M. M.
Probably made more trunks than just about any other company, based in Racine, WI, patent dates starting in the 1880s.  Established 1861.  Had a salesroom at 240 Adams Street in Chicago.
Seneca Trunk Co
Standard trunks, rounded front edges on many of them.
Seward Trunk & Bag Co
If anyone could give Secor a run for the money in terms of the sheer number of trunks made, Seward would be it.  Huge factory in Petersburg, VA.  Still in business today - check the footlockers at your local WalMart.
Sheldon and Colton 
Saddle, harness and trunk makers, Main St., Hartford,CT  Also military equipments of all kinds. 
This as the label reads. It's a small domed top trunk or soldiers foot locker decorated with brass tacks . I know the company was in business in 1824 as Harriet Beecher [Stowe] went to school in a room over this shop.
Thanks to Dewey for sending this one in
Founder of Samsonite.  Maker of automotive trunks to fit on Model A Fords, among other types of trunks and cases. 
 Siders, Henry
No. 9 Old State House, Boston.  "Saddles, bridles, harnesses, trunks, and caps as cheap as can be purchased in Boston."  Started around 1804
 Soule, William
 South Brothers
1916-1920, 700 Austin Street, Waco, TX 
 (Thanks to Lynda Maymon for sending this info)  est. in 1890, NewYork, USA 
"Genuine Hard Vulcanized Fiber"
Spahr, OJ
O.J. Spahr-Saddler and Carriage Trimmer, Factory Street, between First and Second Streets. This establishment was started in 1878 by Brendt & Spahr, which partnership dissolved in February 1883, Mr. Spahr ws a native of Pennsylvania, where he was born in 1843. He carried a full line of ready-made work in light and heavy harness, collars, halters, whips, blankets, trunks, harness oils, nets, etc.  Thanks to TJ Bynum for sending this one in and to the Canal-Dover, OH Historical Society.
Springfield Trunk Factory
Springfield, MO 
 St Paul Trunk Co.
St Paul, MN
 Stallman, F. A.
Colombus, OH.  Dresser, theatrical, and commercial trunks
Best known for their dresser style trunks
The Standard Red Cedar Chest Co,
From Kathleen:  Please note that the plant was in Altavista, Virginia from March 1912 until 2001 when Lane closed the plant and moved it to Tupelo, Mississippi
Wardrobe trunks, 1920s and 30s
 Stewart Trunk
Stewart & Munt
Portmanteaus, bonnet boxes, and traveling bags.  6 North Street, Belfast
Petersburg, VA
Wardrobe trunks, 1920s and 30s
 Stewart Trunk
Portmanteaus, bonnet boxes, and traveling bags.  6 North Street, Belfast
Petersburg, VA
Summers, John C.
St. Louis Trunk Manufactory.  1881 Catalog. Trunks & Valises, 837 & 839 S. Fifth Street, St. Louis, Mo. 
Large variety of fancy leather and metal covered trunks, sole leather trunks, and toy trunks! 
Thanks to marvin of ThisOldTrunk.Com for sending this one in
Supreme Union Trunk & Bag Co, maker of wardrobe trunks in the 1920s 
C.A. Taylor Trunk Works
Maker of high-end trunks, very well made, and also held patents on many 
types of trunk parts that were used by several companies. 
"Makers of the Celebrated Taylor XX Professional Trunks"
130 West Madison Street, Chicago (also on E. Randolph Street)
(see Schussler above for additional information)
(may be same as above - not sure) - Taylor Trunk Co, Louisville, KY 
and New York 111285
Thomsen, C. F. Co.
130 Superior Street, Cleveland  1861 - 1875
 Toledo Cooker Co.
Didn't really make true traveling trunks - maker of oak boxes for food service
Topeka Trunk Co
Topeka, KS
 Topham, James S.
Trunks, traveling bags, Washington, DC 
 Totty Trunk Co
Cabinet Robe Trunks, Virginia (made wardrobe trunks in early 1900s) 
Trees, Samuel & Co, Ltd.
STACO Brand wardrobe trunks, made in Canada
Tronick MacKenzie
Maker of some trunks sold through Sears (?) and many styles of fine trunks, tool boxes, tackle boxes, etc.
A very cool website with company history is right here
Truesdale, J. & Son
Manchester, NH, incorporated 1894
 Trunk & Bag Workers
International Union
Organized December 26, 1895
Factory #51
 Tuerke Trunks
Baltimore, usually have a breass tag on top 
 Union Supreme
Sometimes called Supreme Union,maker of wardrobe trunks in the early 1900s 
 United States Trunk Co
Mass produced fiber trunks, low cost, plants in Chicago and Mass. 
 Vanderman Mfg
Maker of strong boxes and tool boxes, very heavy duty,
still in business as Nesci Enterprises
U.K., "The British Manufacturer of Trunks"
 Virginia Trunk & Bag
Petersburg, VA, maker of the Dreadnaught Trunk line 1910-1940
 Vogler, H & Cos 
223 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, TX
Thanks to Andy M for sending this one to us
 Vuitton, Louis
Some French guy, made some trunks and a handbag or two.
OK, just kidding - an amazing company, still in business with a great website.
 Wagener & Rusche
Manufacturers and Dealers in Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bags
Cincinatti  Thanks to Lee Clark,  Jr. for sending this one in.
 Walsh, Harold
NY, didn't make trunks, just sold trunks made by others from his shop in the Big Apple.
 Walsh, C. & Sons
Sole Leather trunks, mid 1800s -  found one dated 1870 
 Walsh, Harold
NY, didn't make trunks, just sold trunks made by others from his shop in the Big Apple.
 Walton Trunk Co
Might have been a store - tag found on a Leatheroid trunk by website visitor DeborSoile
 Ward, Charles C.
NYC, fiber board trunks with ornate fittings
Weightman's Trunk
Reading, PA.  Made many alligator-pattern trunks for the Sears catalog
Weisman Trunk & 
Luggage Co
New York City
Makers of wardrobe trunks, New York
London Made Trunks
Wesley & Johnson
120 Crown Street, New Haven, CT (retailer only?)
Western Grip & Trunk Co
Milwaukee, maker of wardrobe trunks around 1916
Also, as sent in by Jim Rouse (thanks!)
"Western Grip & Trunk Co.  -1914-    Guaranteed Holeproof Trunk   Any part broken within 2 years will be replaced or repaired free when shipped  prepaid to our works at Milwaukee, Wis."
Wheary Trunk Co
A large company, manufactured in several locations.  Ran a store inside the Empire State Building for many years.  Made the transition from trunks to suitcases when America started traveling by plane.
White, R.H. & Co
Boston, also White Trunk & Bag, 1917, Nashville, TN
 Whittle Trunk & Bag Co
Knoxville, TN, makers of the "Cedarobe" trunk 
 Whitney, D.D. & Co
423 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles.  Telephone Main 203
"Sample Trunks & Cases a Specialty"
 Wichita Trunk Co
Kansas    Metal oval tag on top of trunk
Sent in by Merle - thanks!
Wilkins Trunk Co.
Label inside states:  operated from 1902 to 1989 in downtown Dallas, TX
Thanks, Geneva, for sending this one to us!
 Williams, Franklin & Co
Baltimore, dome top trunks
No 106 North Howard Street, Between Fayette & Lexington
Wilson & Bowker
180 Lincoln Street, Boston
 Williams, Franklin & Co
Baltimore, dome top trunks
No 106 North Howard Street, Between Fayette & Lexington
Wilson & Bowker
180 Lincoln Street, Boston
Wilt, Charles T.
180 Wabash, Chicago.  Patent numbers from US & Canada
also 42 Madison, Chicago.  Bridal Trunks a Specialty
 Winship, H.A.
Trunks, Bags, etc., GAR supplies, horse equipment for let, Worsted bags & shawls a specialty. 
Three known locations in Boston, our opinion is that the company later moved to Utica, NY 
Here are some Winship labels and tags that may be helpful
 Wolfe, Charles W.
New York, wardrobe trunks 
 Wood Luggage

Louisville, KY, 1920s-1950s; traveling trunks, sample cases, wardrobe cases, and postal sacks. 1114 - 1116 S Oldham St
Thanks to Jim Wood for sending this one in!

 Woolett, R. N. 
 Young, Homer
Toldeo, Ohio  1904  steamers, wall trunks 

H through O

P through Z