Original trunk locks for sale, antique trunk locks and keys
(Note:  In the photo above we show many locks - this picture was taken in 1998 - these have all been sold.  Locks currently in stock are listed below)
Locks and parts sold on this page are old, originals that we've removed from trunks in our shop over the last couple of decades.
Prices listed include shipping to any USA address.  Most have common mounting patterns - three nails on the bottom, a bolt
through the center, etc., surface mount or mortise mount (needs a hole for the lock mechanism) and mounting holes usually line up with the originals.
These are old - expect some rust and grime, please.

Currently Available Old Stock Steamer Trunk Locks and Parts
Updated January 10, 2018

Original Long Lock Co. antique trunk lock with keyOriginal Long Lock Co. antique trunk lock with key
Did you see the Large Trunk Locks we sell?  This is the original design that those reproductions are trying to imitate.
Original Long Lock Co T46 trunk lock, in fair to good condition, never used.  Comes with two keys.
This lock measures  3 and 3/4" by 6 and 5/8" overall, when closed.
The top piece or receiver plate measures 3 and 3/4" by 3 and 3/4".
Requires 7 nails to attach to your trunk
Lock-050  $50.00, USA shipping included.

Original Excelsior antique trunk lock with keyOriginal Excelsior antique trunk lock with key
Nice Excelsior auto trunk lock, gold in color.  Comes with two keys, coded 53350
Overall dimensions are 3" wide by 7-5/8" tall.
Lock 032  $95.00, USA shipping included

Genuine US Army Issue Locks, Made in the USA by Eagle Lock Co in 1943
New old stock - never used, in original boxes
Original Army footlocker antique trunk lock with keyOriginal antique trunk lock with working key
Yes, they're green just like most army stuff, but these can be painted any color you'd like to slap on them.  Heavy duty solid steel lock with steel tumblers.
Comes complete with the lock, backplate, rivets and burrs for setting (or use our brass or steel nails), and two keys.  Still packed in the original boxes from 1943.
An excellent, heavy duty lock.  Measurements overall for the complete unit when closed are 6 inches tall by 3.25 inches wide.
These locks are $45 each, which includes shipping to any USA location.
Army Lock  $45 each  Free USA shipping
Green Locks

Old stock original Long Lock Co footlocker trunk lock for saleOld stock original Army footlocker trunk lock for sale
Long Lock Co military footlocker lock; surface mount.
Lock measurements overall are 3-5/8" wide by 6-1/8" tall
Attaches with 7 nails or rivets (not included).  Comes with one key
Lock 084  $85 USA shipping included

Original Eagle brass trunk lock with key for saleNew lock for antique trunk for sale free shipping
Eagle bolt-mount trunk lock in cast brass.  Requires center mounting bolt (not included).
Please note that the latch of this lock is missing.  There's a hole through the post where a rod used to be.
Maybe this isn't so bad - keeps you from locking the trunk/losing the key?  No receiver plate either, so your trunk needs to have one already.
This lock comes with one working key.  Overall dimensions are 2-1/4" wide by 6-1/8" tall.
Lock 095  $50.00 USA shipping included.

original old stock trunk locks for sale with keysoriginal old stock chest locks with keys for saleOriginal Champion chest locks for sale
Old stock, original Champion brand small chest, box, and trunk lock set with key.  Top piece is 4-15/16 inches long overall and needs 1-1/2" of space to mount.  Nail holes
span 4-3/8".  Bottom piece is also 4-15/16" wide, and needs a flat space of 2-9/16" to mount.  Nail hole spacing same as top piece.  We have several of these available;
each comes with one key.  Lock-097, $60 each, USA shipping included.

old original small box locks with keys for salevintage antique small box locks for sale
Eagle Lock Co original locks from the 1920s, smaller locks for humidors, tackle boxes, tool boxes, and briefcases.
The nickel/silver one has a backplate that's 2-3/4" wide by 2" tall, and the black ones have a backplate that's 2-1/4" wide by 2" tall.
Each of these locks comes with one working key.  No fasteners included.
Lock 103  $45.00 each, choose from the drop-down menu, please.  USA shipping is included in our prices.
Your choice

European brass trunk locks for saleHB Brevetes brass trunk locks for saleoriginal brass trunk locks for sale
Original HB Brevetes brass trunk lock with key.  Surface mount.  Upper hasp will need to be attached to either an
existing pin on your trunk or you'll have to fabricate some way to attach it.  Looks like a ten penny nail would fit through the cylindrical opening.
Backplate measures 4-1/2" wide by 2-9/16" tall.  Shaft length of mounting pin will need to be 1-1/4" long.
Lock 107  $85.00, USA shipping included.
brass trunk locks for sale

replacement locks for antique trunks for salereplacement locks for steamer trunks for sale
Smaller dome top trunk lock, plated in brass a long time ago.
Face plate measures 2-15/16" wide by 2-3/16" tall overall - it's SMALL.
Top/hasp is 2" wide.  Comes with one working key.
Lock-113  $85.00  USA shipping included.

Old stock trunk and suitcase hinges for sale
This is a lot of vintage and antique suitcase, luggage, or musical instrument case hinges
Sold as a box lot only.  Mostly brass plated steel, a few nickel plated steel.
TP161  $75 

USA shipping is included in our prices.
old trunk locks on salelocks for old trunks and cases for sale
Small trunk or box lock from Excelsior Lock Works.
Overall dimensions are about 2-1/16" wide by 3-3/16" tall.
Comes with one working key.  Lock 117  $65 each, USA shipping included.

old excelsior trunk locks for sale
Small trunk or box locks, maker unknown.
Overall dimensions are about 2-1/8" wide by 3-1/8" tall.
Comes with one working key per lock.  Lock 118  $30 each, USA shipping included.

Hide Trunk Locks
reproduction trunk locks for salelocks for camel back trunks for sale
Lots of trunks made in the mid to late 1800s had this style of hand-made lock on the front.  The local trunk maker/blacksmith would
bang them out in their shop, then install them in a trunk they they likely had built from scratch.  These are not much different from
the old originals - these are hand made here in the USA, and are available in an old finish or brass finish.  Since they're made one at a
time, we're selling them individualy too.  What you see in the photo (and in the drop-down pricing menu below) are the locks currently
available here at Brettuns Village.
HL-1 backplate measures 2" by 1-5/8"  Hammered rust finish, brass key  $85.00, USA shipping included.
HL-2 backplate measures 2-5/8" by 2-1/8" Brass construction, brass key  $95.00, USA shipping included.
HL-3 backplate measures 3-1/2" by 2-3/4", steel key  $95.00, USA shipping included.
Take your pick

old excelsior trunk lock for saleold excelsior automobile  trunk locks for sale
Double lock for a dome top or camel back trunk. We figure this lock with working key was made right around 1890..
Overall dimensions of the back plate is about 2-3/4" tall by 7"wide. Attaches with 11 nails. Comes with one key.  Lock 124  $125, USA shipping included.

old excelsior trunk lock for saleold excelsior automobile  trunk locks for sale
Single trunk lock by Excelsior with no receiver plate.
This lock is about 6-1/8" tall Attaches with 3 nails. Comes with one key.  Lock 125  $75, USA shipping included.

old excelsior trunk lock for saleold excelsior automobile  trunk locks for sale
This is a modern reproduction of an old blanket chest lock, with a double throw (turn the key all the way around twice to unlock). Fits in a mortise.
Overall dimensions of the lock body are about 3 x 5 inches, and it's about 3/4" thick. Comes with one key.  Lock 126  $75, USA shipping included.

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