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Refinished antique trunks for sale, made in Maine
Check out Connie's Trunks!
What started out to be a hobby has turned into a full time labor of love. At Connie's Trunks, we get a great deal of satisfaction giving tired, old trunks and antique
trunks new life. We're convinced that each antique trunk we complete is about to become a family treasure to be handed down from one generation to the next.
During the past three years we have restored and sold approximately 300 antique trunks and vintage trunks . . .  and we have a workshop
full of old trunks just waiting their turn. Our goal is to offer a variety of styles and sizes so you can find your "perfect antique trunk."

In France, Don't Miss the Musée du Bagage!
Also the fantastic Trunk/Baggage Website of Jean-Philippe Rolland

La malle en coin

From Randall Barbera's Antique Trunk Restoration & Design:

beautifully finished antique trunks for sale
The antique trunks, vintage trunks, steamer trunks and chests shown here for sale are all one of a kind, hand-restored,
refurbished and redesigned unique pieces of furniture that have been carefully selected and meticulously crafted.
Click here to visit our online store
antique trunk refinishing service


Antique Steamer Trunk Restoration service

Pop's Antique Trunk Shop
Antique Trunks for Sale; Trunk Refinishing & Refurbishing
Based in Hudson, New York

ARMAND'S ANTIQUE TRUNKS - The only antique trunk site in Canada offering quality refinished antique trunks and refinishing services since 1993, online since 1999.

The Trunk Lady!

Sue Heibel refinishes trunks in Minnesota
With over 20 years of restoration experience you can be rest assured that your trunk will be restored back to the best possible condition.
It is not just a piece of furniture, it is someone's memories so I take the utmost care and craftsmanship to restore it back to its original beauty.

Chuck's Wood Barn features custom hand crafted quality furniture.
Chuck's Woodbarn is owned and operated by Charlie and Sherry Zeller.
Specializing in the lost art of steam bending wood to create beautiful hand crafted camel back trunks,
also called dome topped chests or steamer trunks. This piece of furniture is truly a family heirloom which can be passed down for many generations.
Each piece is a unique work of art, no two alike. Emphasis is put on fine craftsmanship and quality construction.
We personally design and construct everything from the beginning jigs to finalizing with finishing the interiors.

Been to Maine and miss it?  Native Mainer and miss it?  Never been to Maine but are sure you'd miss it if you had ever made it upcountry?
DownEast magazine is just what you need.  Brettuns Village was mentioned in the Christmas 2006 issue, and there's even a picture of That Dog in there!

Island Trunk Shop
Nahant, MA
A source for refinished trunks, trunk keys, and information.  Click to visit Micheal on the north side of Boston!
Sellers of Distinctive Antique Trunks, Chests and Rare wooden Boxes.

Welcome To The Pirate's Lair -!! Ahoy Matey's and Shivver Me Timbers at the 100 to 150 year old Restored Antique Pirate Chests,
Sea Chests and Pirate Treasure Chests: Both Dome Top and Flat Top. Also available are authentic vintage U.S. Navy Nautical Dinnerware and
Tableware, Nautical Tables, Nautical Desks made from restored WW2 U.S. Navy Liberty Ship Wooden Hatch Covers!

Hope Chests
Hope Chest Store offers cedar storage chests & trunks on sale. Secure online ordering.

If you're driving to Maine from Boston or New York, you should stop at TRUNKEYS.COM in North Yarmouth, Maine. Refinishing, restoration, and parts for trunks!  Formerly known as "The Trunk Shoppe"
   If you're located in  New Jersey, New York City, southeastern New York state, southwestern Connecticut or  northeastern Pennsylvania, take a look at STEVENS ANTIQUE TRUNKS  My good pal Stan will take care of you and your trunks.  He does a great job of refinishing and has lots of  examples at his web site.  Take a look!
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