TH-09 Long Stitched Leather Steamer Trunk Handle

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This is handle style TH-09, made for large wardrobe trunks, large steamer trunks or toolboxes. Has a sharper point on the end than our style TH-07); it’s a bit more narrow at 1-1/8″, and looks like many of the handles found on Hartmann, Belber, and many other trunks. Sold singly or in pairs. These are stitched from 3 layers of harness leather, available in dark brown, black, or medium brown, and measure 10 and 1/4″ long by1 and 1/8″ wide.
About 1/4″ thick. Distance between the slots is 6″ (inside) to 7 and 3/4″ (outside), so the pins on your handle brackets should be somewhere in that range for these to fit.
TH-09 Pair of handles $18, or get just one single handle for $10, USA shipping included