Brass Button Trunk Tacks like the ones on Jenny Lind Trunks


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It’s tough to find replacement brass tacks for your old Jenny Lind, Saratoga, or Civil War-era trunk. These are pretty good reproductions, although they’re brass-plated steel, not solid brass like the originals. The head is 13/16″ in diameter, and the nail is about an inch long. The head sticks up about 1/8″. Nail them right through the lid, then bend them over from the inside or curl the end back into the wood.
IMPORTANT: These tacks have darker stains here and there, some mottling, and some spotting on them –
the company who made them was trying to age them – they look mottled and that’s just the way it is!
Prices include USA postage.
5 Bright Brass Jenny Lind Tacks $5.00
10 Bright Brass Jenny Lind Tacks $8.00
100 Bright Brass Jenny Lind Tacks $50.00