A Large Array of Square Shank Clinch Nails for Steamer Trunk Repair


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Square Shank Trunk Nails: Also known as cut nails or clinch nails. We sell five sizes of brass-plated steel trunk nails and four sizes of plain steel cut nails, all made one at a time on an old-fashioned cut nail press. The heads on all of these are just a hair larger than 1/4 of an inch (9/32″).  These are easy to work with as the steel is soft enough to bend easily when using your nailing heel.  Priced according to the cart button, and all prices include shipping for destinations in the USA.

Helpful info:  The one pound bags of nails contain, roughly:

1/2″ = 800/lb     3/4″ = 450/lb     1″ = 330/lb     1-1/4″ = 300/lb     1-1/2″ = 250/lb

The quarter pound bags of nails contain, roughly:

1/2″ = 200/lb     3/4″ = 115/lb     1″ = 80/lb     1-1/4″ = 75/lb     1-1/2″ = 60/lb