1.25″ Wide Steamer Trunk Strap Sets



Photo shows our Wide Strap Sets and, at the bottom of the image, our Short Strap Sets. Lines on the table are square feet. Made from medium brown, dark brown, or black US cowhides, these straps are one and a quarter-inch wide and about a tenth of an inch thick (6 oz leather). Antique brass finish center-bar buckle. These are sold in sets, and each set includes four parts: Two long straps and two shorter straps. The longer straps have holes in them for buckling; the shorter straps have the buckles stitched onto them (not riveted – good heavens). The strap ends are 40″ long. The buckles ends are 20 inches long. Choose medium brown, dark brown, or black – they’re all priced the same.  We make these to imitate some of the old original straps we’ve found on trunks over the years, and, by gosh, they seem to look pretty good.  1.25″ Wide Strap Set Part Number Strap125 $60 per set Includes shipping to any USA location