Consignment Program

If you're a company, individual, or other entity and are interested in selling a quantity of leather or related hardware, fasteners, laces, fabrics, or other associated leather or craft supply items, but you don't want to just let it all go for a small price to a reseller, then Brettuns Village has a program that may interest you.  We accept consigned lots and sell them to our customers by the piece.  It's a very simple program that's been active since 1994 and has been used by many manufacturers and tanneries, suppliers and jobbers, and even home crafters who have accumulated large quantities of leather hides, scrap pieces, and other items.  Our consignment program is very simple and reliable.  The important details include the following:

We keep the program simple and straight-forward.  If you're interested in learning more please  E-Mail Us.

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