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We restore antique trunks

Everything you need to know about antique trunks, including antique trunk history,
information on trunk makers, and even trunk parts, trunk repair tools, how-to books,
and help for antique trunk do-it-yourselfers.
restored antique trunks for saleParts for trunk restoration for sale

FAX:  (207)782-7448

Visit Our Store in Lewiston, Maine

At BRETTUNS VILLAGE TRUNK SHOP, we buy, sell, and refinish trunks, chests, toy boxes, wood boxes, and tool boxes for antique dealers, interior decorators,
college kids, doll collectors, tool collectors, museum curators, and regular folks.  We've been at it here in Maine since 1988, and have shipped trunks to all 50 states
and several locations outside of the United States.  We also refinish trunks for our customers.   Take a look around our web site for some basic information on our trunks,
helpful tips for do-it-yourselfers, some interesting links to other trunk sites, and a few plugs for visiting Maine - and not just in the summer either.  Those two weeks go by too quickly anyway.

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Fixing up old trunksWide variety of restored antique trunks for sale

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restored antique trunks for sale
Come on in and find a trunk you like!
Shown below are a few different types of trunks and boxes, just to give you an idea of what passes through the shop.

restored antique trunks for salerestored antique trunks for saleCanvas covered trunkss for sale
Just your standard wooden trunks, ca. 1850 to 1880.  Some similar styles were made like this until as recently as 1940.  Utilitarian, handsome, what more do you want?
Wicked cheap, too.  Originally these were covered with green or black canvas.  Not very unusual, so don't expect to pay an arm and a leg for this style.  These turn out to be beautiful and are quite useful for storage.
How to finish the inside of an antique trunkrestored antique trunks for sale
Here's what we recommend to finish the inside.  Remove the old wallpaper and sand/stain the wood, like the trunks shown above.  If you have bugs in your area, plain
wood is better than fabric or wallpaper (the little bugs will move in between the trunk and the fabric/paper).  We
fix up and sell a lot of trunks like this, redone inside and out, as shown here.  USA Shipping is included in all of our prices.
Check the FOR SALE section for info.  While you're in the shop be sure to think of your loved ones and how much they'd
love to get a trunk from our shop.  Or, think about our loved ones and how much they'd like a lobster dinner paid for by you...

restored antique trunks for sale
Maybe you'd prefer an old pressed-tin covered trunk.  Not much wood showing, so this type sells a little more slowly than some, even though they're quite striking once they've been redone.  Some were painted, like the one above, others were glazed.  Often the glaze didn't last very long.  Sort of like the shop owner's hair.
Restored antique metal trunkrestored antique trunks for sale

Leather covered trunks for saleRestored doll trunks for saleantique storage boxes for sale

Leather-covered trunks were all the rage in the early 1800s.  Well-known trunk makers from that time include Robert Burr of Boston (maker of the saddle trunk shown on
the left), the Saratoga-style trunk makers (center photo), and the stretched-hide and brass tack style (on the right) made by several companies all around the US.  You may
find one of these with the leather in rough shape, or the leather may be gone altogether.  You can still have a great trunk for display by finishing the wood beneath, and
polishing up all of those little brass tacks.  If the leather is in fair to good condition it can be oiled and saved, probably for another 200 years or so.
Then again, if your kids are like ours, you might get another four to six months out of it, but it'll be a fun time.

Old Toolboxes
antique tool boxes for saleRestored tool box for saleWe sell restored antique tool boxes

Toolboxes are lots of fun.  You'll never see two of these alike.  Each was typically hand-crafted by the owner, and it was sized to meet that person's unique tool needs.
Look for wide pine boards, special compartments to hold certain tools, and maybe some dents from shins banging into it.  Husbands love these old toolboxes, but none of
them can really explain why.  I've got a few of them that I've kept for myself, and I couldn't tell you why I hang on to them, or what, if anything, I'll ever put into them.  I just like em.

 You really should be in Maine, so if you're wise enough to visit, you might want to check the Maine Office of Tourism's site and also the  State-o-Maine's pages for touristing goodies.
Hope to see you upcountry!
Churchill Barton, Proprietor

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