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UPDATED November 25, 2020


Leather Craft Supplies: Pre-Cut Checkbook Covers!

discount leather craft supplies free USA shippingdiscount leather craft supplies free USA shipping

USA cattlehide leaher panels are out of upstate NY, and precut into sets of three pieces - they go together to make common checkbook covers. Stitch along the edges, or just staple the blasted things.

Regularly priced at $10 each, but on this new Deal of the Week we're sending you 5 sets for $20 flat, USA shipping included. We're happy to mix/match colors/patterns, just e-mail us: [email protected]

Your choice

Trunk/Suitcase Supplies: TEN Common Trunk Lock Keys for $10 Flat - DELIVERED!

steamer trunk parts on sale with free USA shipping

Some say that at least half of all footlocker style trunks ever made use this key. T44, T46, T46K, 7201 - it works a lot of codes.
Get 10 of these keys for $10 flat, USA shipping included.


Deal of the Week Leftovers!

Clearance sale on black textured leather hides  with free USA shipping
18-20 Square Foot 2.75 oz SIDES of black chromium tanned leather with a lizard skin texture: $50 flat, USA shipping included!

Important Info About Our Deal of the Week

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long as you don't mind us folding your leather.

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Leather hides Clearance Sale
Brettuns Village Leather offers leather cow, goat, and exotic hides, leather sides and leather scrap pieces as well as other leather craft supplies for a variety of uses at very low cost.  Our selection includes several sizes, colors and thicknesses of first-quality leather hides and remnants, leather handsewing thread, belt buckles, brass and steel rivets, leather craft tools, and other leather craft accessories.  We buy our leather and other products  from leather goods manufacturers and tanneries throughout New England and around the world, and help them reduce excess inventory.  We also help them avoid sending good leather to the landfill.  The end result is that we are able to offer high quality leather and craft items to you at low prices.  Our inventory of leather and leather craft items changes regularly, so we offer a free leather crafts e-mail newsletter to keep our customers informed of new arrivals in the barn.  Brettuns Village Leather is a great place to buy your pull up leather, tooling sides, vegetable tanned thick sides for armor making, oiled harness leather, accessories, and findings.
Shipping is always free for our customers in the contiguous 48 states, and we do our best to extend this policy to our customers in Alaska, Hawaii, and all US Territories.
Brettuns Village, Inc. is based in Lewiston-Auburn, Maine, USA.
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