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UPDATED on February 19, 2020

Three Patterns of MOCHA Sides are ON SALE with FREE 48-State USA Shipping!

Clearance sale on leather hides with free USA shipping mocha leather hides on sale
Mocha is a nice sort of pewter-tan color, and we have it available in three embossed patterns: Elk (on the left), Gator, or Bison ON THE DEAL OF THE WEEK!
USA cattlehide leather sides, all LARGER than 18 square feet, marked way down to clear them out! Thickness is 2.75 oz or 1.1 mm, Regular Temper (not soft)
Our standard price for these sides is $85, but on the DOTW they're marked down to $70 flat for one, three sides for $180, or ten sides for $565
and 48-state USA shipping is FREE and YES you can mix/match patterns!

It's up to you
Mix mine like this:



Clearance sale small spools of leather craft thread with free USA shipping leather craft thread on sale

Left to right: Tan Dacron, Waxed Tan (looks yellowish until you unspool it), Waxed Chocolate

EXPANDED THIS WEEK! Pat yourself on the back - you've made it through another holiday season, and, in the end, you decided to keep the new hot pink corduroy blazer.
It might come in handy if you decide to enter a roll-bounce competetive event in Miami this year, skater-person.

So, now it's back to the daily grind, time to make stuff, and, since you work with leather, you'll be needing some thread.
Brettuns Village to the rescue - here's a lot of thread for not a lot of money. Choose from our dark brown dacron spools, or
the white nylon spools (also works well as dental, floss, according to Charlie out in the warehouse). The dacron looks like thread size 68 to us,
while the white nylon spools come in boxes that proclaim it to be size 138. How much is on each spool? Please measure from one end to
the other, and then do us a favor and e-mail those numbers to us. Each spool contains one spool's worth - OK?

ADDED THIS WEEK: Two colors of waxed cotton spools and Tan Dacron Braided Thread Spools!

Pricing: Any of the threads shown above: Half a gross (72 spools) for $20 flat, or 1 gross (144 spools) for $35 flat, USA shipping included.
If you're in AK, HI, GU, PR, USVI you're in on this free shipping thing too. Another thing: we're happy to mix/match these spools for you - just e-mail us:


Still Available:


Clearance sale on veg tan skins with free USA shippingveg tan leather cheap with free USA shipping

Happy November! In our warehouse we have a few Gaylord (pallet) boxes filled with these smaller vegetable tanned skins. There are small veg goat suede splits, mid-sized veg sheep suede splits,
and full grain buffalo calf sides. The goat skins run about 5 sq ft each. The sheep run about 8 sq ft. The buffalo sides are only about 3 sq ft each. Why the tannery cut full buffalo calf hides into sides is
one of those questions that'll probably never get answered, but we figure it's just a way to make them easier to handle as they work their way through the tannery. Dog = Not For Sale
Let's get these skins headed to your barn:
Veg sheep = 2 skins for $45
Veg Goat = 2 skins for $35
Buffalo Calf Sides = 2 skins for $30
As Usual, USA Shipping is FREE!




Clearance sale on wooden toggle buttons with free USA shippingsweater toggle buttons on sale with free USA shipping
OK, here it is: Boss man says that if he slips on one more wooden toggle button someone is going to lose their job here at BV Worldwide Headquarters & Spa.
Thing is, we like our co-workers and don't want to see anybody get sacked, so now it's up to you. We need to clear out these little wooden demons, and it needs to happen pronto.
These things came to us last year packed in zip-loc bags of 150 toggle buttons each. That's a lot of kindling. I mean sweater buttons, sorry. Available in black, dark brown, natural, or
Smoked (yes, Smoked: some poor person had to hold the natural wood toggles up to an open flame and scorch them here and there, and that should make you love your job even more than usual).
The new Deal of the Week is for bags of these toggles - choose your color - bags of 150 for $12 flat and at that price you can just chuck 'em at squirrels on the bird feeder.
Deal of the Week: 150 Toggles, $12, USA shipping included. To your door. Well, almost to the door. Put your hands up over your head and hold them about a foot apart.


UPDATED on October 9, 2019



FREE USA SHIPPING! Choose Your Bellies!

veg tan leather hides on sale with free USA shippingthick veg tan leather for sale with free USA shipping
Making belts, harnesses, dog leashes, cat leashes, hamster leashes, belts for the family for Christmas, or just long straps to hold the beer color to the roof of the station wagon?
This just might be your leather, and it's on sale here on the new Deal of the Week: Vegetable tanned tooling bellies in black and when we say black we mean blacker than the
inside of a December Moose at midnight in Millinocket. Thickness on these uns 7-9 oz, and the strips are sized as shown in the photos - lines on the table are square feet.
This is a firm leather that, thanks to the excellent surface coloration, won't soak up much water, so this isn't your wet forming leather. Our regular price on these is $35 each, but we've
dropped her back to $20 each if you purchase 5, or $17.50 each if you purchase 10. Need 25 of them? $375. That's a lot of bellies.

Your choice

Important Info About Our Deal of the Week

The Brettuns Village Deal of the Week updates every Wednesday morning at somewhere around 6 or 7 or 8 am, EST.
Deals remain posted for one week, or until our inventory is sold out.  Any items left over are posted on our Clearance Page.
First come (paid), first served.  If you'd like to take advantage of the Deal of the Week but would like to pay by check
or money order just send us an e-mail ( and we'll set aside your Deal until your payment arrives.
Some of our customers put an event on their PC's calendar to remind them to check out our DOTW each Wednesday morning.
Some of our customers think this is a ridiculous waste of time, but we think they sneak in here and take a peek anyway.

Whatever you do, wherever you go, don't ever forget that shipping within the 48 contiguous
United States is always included in our prices - there just flat aren't any other fees, charges, or expenses to add.
If you're in AK or HI or any of the Territories we can fit most of this stuff into flat rate boxes, so you get free shipping too - just so
long as you don't mind us folding your leather.

leather hides clearance outlet
We post our DOTW on FB when we remember to plaster it up there.
Go to our Facebook page and hit that little button that says 'Like' and then you'll receive our updates.  Thrilling.

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Leather hides Clearance Sale
Brettuns Village Leather offers leather cow, goat, and exotic hides, leather sides and leather scrap pieces as well as other leather craft supplies for a variety of uses at very low cost.  Our selection includes several sizes, colors and thicknesses of first-quality leather hides and remnants, leather handsewing thread, belt buckles, brass and steel rivets, leather craft tools, and other leather craft accessories.  We buy our leather and other products  from leather goods manufacturers and tanneries throughout New England and around the world, and help them reduce excess inventory.  We also help them avoid sending good leather to the landfill.  The end result is that we are able to offer high quality leather and craft items to you at low prices.  Our inventory of leather and leather craft items changes regularly, so we offer a free leather crafts e-mail newsletter to keep our customers informed of new arrivals in the barn.  Brettuns Village Leather is a great place to buy your pull up leather, tooling sides, vegetable tanned thick sides for armor making, oiled harness leather, accessories, and findings.
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