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Snake skins, ostrich hides, tanned carp skins, and various exotic leather scrap including gator leather, stingray, emu, antelope, and more.

Updated April 11, 2018

Tejas Lizard Skin in Brown Brown Tejas Lizard Leather Brown Tejas Lizard Hide

Tejas Lizard Skins in Brown

$12 each
FREE 48-state USA shipping included.

These are smallish Tejas lizard skins, about two hands in size.  They're not big.  The lines on our layout table are square feet.  Nice rustic color, sort of a pecan pie filling brown, with good skin texture.  This skins are quite thin so are best used where they won't be stressed. 

whip snake skins in several colors for sale

Whip Snake Skins (Several Options!)

Starting at $12
FREE 48-state USA shipping included.

Nice whip snake skins, lots of colors available, so start putting these slithery devils to good use. We have brick red in small (6-8 inches long per piece), medium (about 18 inches long), and large (about 25" long) Bone is available in Large and Small

Aqua = small only
Pearl = small and large
Whip Snake Skins: Large skins are $20, Medium skins are $15, Small skins are 3 pieces for $12
All of these prices include USA shipping. That's the way we do it here at BV.

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More Snakes:
Purple, Red, Black, and Brown are available in small only.
Whip Snake Small Pieces, $12 for 3 pieces that are 6 to 8 inches long each.
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Striped/Pieced Whip Snake Skins - Two Patterns!

whip snake skins for salewhip snake skins for sale
Whip snakes are prized for their very even scale size.  OK, not really, we made that up, but the scales really do seem to be
about the same everywhere.  Some well-meaning person or persons sewed long skins together in a striped pattern, then cut their new
snake blanket on the diagonal, so what we've got here are pieced-together skins, striped pattern, in either Mahogany/Bone stripes or
red/black stripes.  Each is about 3.5" wide and 28 inches long.  $25 each, USA shipping included.  We also have a few smaller
versions of the Mahogany/Bone stripes; these are 3.5" wide by 14" long, $20 each, USA shipping included.
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Lizard Skin Mix

lizard skin leather for saleTejas lizard skin leather for sale
Lines on the table are square feet to help you gauge size.
This is a mixture/collection of Tejas lizard skins -you get the pieces shown, sold only as a set.
Tejas Lizard set, $45  USA shipping included.

Tanned Carp Skins - TWO COLORS!!

fish leather skins for saletanned fish skins, fish leather for saletextured leather hides on saleaquamarine fish leather hides on sale free USA shipping
Fish leather?  Yup.  You got it, Chester.  Fish get skinned, but why throw the skins away?  Tan 'em.  Color 'em.  Finish 'em.  Sell 'em.
Tanned in Canada, available from us up here in Maine by the skin.  Each carp skin is about 15 inches long and 2-3 inches wide.
$12 each, USA shipping included.  Dyed a nice, dark Black or Aquamarine, color and get this - no fishy odor!
Lots of texture from the 'scale pockets' and the leather feels soft - great for use on garments or on any item that needs more texture.

Exotic Leather Scrap, from the Garment Industry

Caiman, Ostrich, Gator, Ostrich, Kudu, Ostrich, Antelope, Ostrich,

Ostrich, Stingray, Emu, Ostrich, and More Ostrich

in a Wide Variety of Colors and Textures

Exotic leathers for saleLizard, caiman, alligator, python leathers for saleScrap leather from alligator and crocodile hides
This scrap leather is chromium tanned exotic species - mostly ostrich, but with some small pieces of  caiman, alligator, snake, and some other things
like kudu, gazell, frog, and fish leathers (but they don't smell bad at all).  This is all from the high end garment business, left over from production.
Pieces are smallish, smaller than your hand, but may be useful as trims or on small projects like earrings.  You'll think something up -
we know you can do it.  Sold in five or ten-pound boxes; our prices include shipping to any address in the 48 contiguous United States.
Maybe this stuff can just sort of slither its way out of our warehouse and over to your place.  That gives us the shivers.

OK, let's get something straight:  Most of this scrap is from ostrich or emu - a variety of colors, but
a lot of what you receive will be ostrich and/or emu and that's the way it is.  No returns on this leather.
Smaller pieces, a lot of ostrich/emu, and some pieces of the other critters listed.  Boop, there it is.

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Giant Sting Ray Pattern Sides

patterned leather hides for salesting ray leather for salesting ray print leather hides for sale
Large USA chromium tanned cattlehides, all larger than 23 sq ft of surface area.  Soft and thin at 3 oz/1.2 mm.
Excellent printed sting ray pattern that is 3-dimensional - you can feel the little bumps with your fingertips quite easily.
$95 each, and this price includes shipping to any USA address (AK, HI, GU, etc:  hides will be folded for shipping)