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Leather hides, sides, and so much more.
The Leather Index

Choose how you'd like to buy your leather. Just click on a category below to view the colors, thicknesses, tempers, and textures that we have in stock.

Leather sides diagram.
Full Cowhides, Whole Hides
These run about 7 ft by 7 ft. Great upholstery leather and garment leather.
Leather, cowhide sides for sale
Cowhide Leather Sides For Sale
Each Leather Side is Half of a Full Cowhide - Wide Range of Thicknesses and Colors
Leather, cowhide double shoulders for sale
Cowhide Leather Double Shoulders
Sturdy leathers from the front-end of the hide.
Leather, cowhide leather quarter hides for sale
Cowhide Leather Quarter Hides
Half a side - about 8 sq. ft. each. Good for Smaller Leather Craft Projects
Leather panels, sample swatches for sale
Cowhide Leather Panels
Pre-cut smaller leather sheets and pieces for your craft projects.
Sheep Leather, Goat Leather, Calf Leather hides
Smaller Hides For Sale
Sheep, calf, goat, deer hides. Garment-grade small leather hides.
Exotic leather Hides, Caiman Hides, Snake Skins
Exotic Leathers
From snake, lizard, stingrays, ostrich, etc.; scrap pieces and entire hides.
Leather Laces for sale, Boot Laces
Leather Laces
For boots or wrapping or tying from 20" to 72" laces.
Suede Leather Hides for sale
Suede Hides
Suede leather, and small suede panels for dance shoes.
Sole Bends, Leather for shoe soles
Sole Bends and Double Butts
Thicker, more firm leathers for making shoe soles and other things.
Vegetable Tanned, Veg Tan, Carving, Tooling, Wet Forming Leather
Vegetable Tanned Leathers
Tooling leather; carving leather leather for wet forming.
Custom cut leather panels
Help!! I only need a piece of leather - not an entire hide!
No worries - we'll cut just what you need.
Hair-on hides, fur hides, furs, fur tails, fur faces
Hair-On Hides
Fur tails, fur faces. Coyote, bob cat, fox, mink tails.
Leather Craft Hardware Index
Leather Craft Tools and Hardware
All kinds of hardware for your craft projects: rivets, buckles, eyelets, spots, conchos, and more.
Scrap leather for sale.
Scrap Leathers
Leather pieces for your leather craft needs! Many colors and types of scrap leather available.

leather sample swatches
Get Samples of our Leathers!
Sample Request?  We're glad to cut a smallish piece of any of our leathers, label it on the back, and drop it in the mail to your USA address.
Up to three samples costs $3.00 for USA postage and the cool padded envelope we use.  From 4 up to 10 samples we charge $5.00.
You can use this button to make your selection and pay, and just type in the item names from our site that you'd like to see, please.
If you're placing an order for anything north of $5, then just e-mail us a list of leathers - you don't have to pay for your samples. Need us to ship your samples outside of the USA?
No problem - just choose "International Shipping" from the drop-down list:

Item Names

Custom cut leather name tags for sale
We also do custom shape cutting - just e-mail us to inquire about pricing!
As an example, these are leather name tags for USCG flight suits - if you watch 'Deadliest Catch'
you can see our leather tags on the USCG helicopter crew flight suits.  Go Coast Guard!