Dark Coffee Leather Laces 72 inches Long Each Sold in Pairs, groups of 10, or bundles of 100


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Dark Coffee Leather Laces 72 inches Long Each.  Six foot laces, nice dark brown color, and the cross section on these is 3.2 by 3.0 mm, like a medium duty boot lace.  Great color – called dark coffee and that’s what it looks like.  Remember plain old coffee?  You know, before you’ve added your sugar and half-n-half and flavor capsules and all that other stuff that seemed like a good idea at the drive thru window but now, mid-morning-ish, there’s volcanic activity on the way.  Good luck.  Nice laces, dude.  We’re selling these by the pair for $6, or a set of 10 for $25, or a bundle of 100 for $95, and these all ship free to any USA address.  Even Guam.  No kidding.