Swivel Snaps, or Snap Hooks, or Leash Hooks, or Square Hooks, or Round Hooks, or Whatever You Want to Call Them

Swivel snaps come in handy if you want to try making your own dog leash, or cat leash, or maybe a ferret leash, keeping in mind that your ferret can bite through the leather leash almost as fast as it bit through your cousin Lenny's thumb when he grabbed that beast with a little too much gusto. Go back and read Outside magazine's 10th Anniversary Issue if you have any doubts about a ferret's ability to bite through things. And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming - these swivel snaps or whatever you want to call them are nickel-plated zinc, very shiny silver color, and are available here in the sizes listed below. The sizes we state here are the size of the strap that would fit through the ring. In other words, in case that was moving a little too fast for you, if we call it a one-inch snap that means it's made to fit on a 1-inch wide straps. Very sturdy. Sold by the piece or per ten. If you need more just holler. All prices include free shipping to any USA location

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