Brettuns Village Leather’s 3 Tool Combo


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It’s your money. Do with it what you want. Go ahead, throw it away on those cheesy tools from across the Pacific. Just buy a new set every year or so and you should be able to get the job done.  Never mind that every so often when you use one of those crummy tools there’s a slight spark from the tip as a piece of the metal flies off, and it hits the cat right in the left eye, so the cat takes off hoo-rady-cut-to-bingo through the farm house, into the summer kitchen, and right across the gas stove where the flame was just getting to that nice blue color that would steam your canning jars.

Now the cat’s on fire and it heads for the living room, so there go the drapes, and that means the ceiling beams are next, and it’s the weekend of the Firemen’s Fund Raiser, so those guys are all  up at the intersection in town, going up to car windows with a smelly old boot, begging for change, so it’ll be a while before they arrive. You’re homeless and have lost all of your possessions, except for the cat,  who made it out safely, of course. You and your cheap tools. Sheesh. To make matters worse you decide it’ll be fun to change the cat’s name to Smokey.

Get a grip, man. Here’s a set of our three setting tools, made right here in Maine, and made to last. You’ll pass these down to your heirs.  This set of three tools includes our splash tool for tubular rivets, a large eyelet/small grommet setter, and a regular eyelet setter.  Save a few bucks by purchasing this combo set. Price includes shipping to any USA location.
Brettuns Village Leather Three Tool Set: Item Code BVTC $45