Very Soft Whitetail Deer Hides in Snow White, 10-11 sq ft, $36 EACH, DELIVERED (USA only)


Very soft whitetail deer hides in snow white, 10-11 sq ft each, complete with bullet holes as these are hides taken by hunters in NY State and PA.  We only have WHITE left in stock.  These are as white as that bright light they tell you to stay away from when you get to be in your 90s.  These hides feel thick; the gauge shows about 5 to 5.5 oz thickness (2.0-2.2 mm), and there are bullet holes in them, both entry and exit.  These hides are sold as-is, no returns, but rest assured, we’ll do our best to pick one out that’ll work for your project(s), and the culls, as always around this clam stand, will end up on the Clearance Page when we get around to it.  Deer Hides, White, $36 each, USA shipping included.