Chrome Suede Splits! Dance Shoe Chromium Tanned USA Cattlehide Suede Leather Pieces!


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Chrome-tanned cowhide suede leather panels, soft and colorfast, and easy to cut with scissors. These are our Chromium tanned USA cattlehide suede panels; they run about 8-10 inches wide by 10-12 inches long. Large enough to cover the bottom of a pair of large men’s shoes, or a couple of pairs if you’re just using this on the heel and toe area. Thickness is 3 to 4 oz, which is just about 1/16 of an inch. Good suede leather for dancing shoe soles – available in colors shown in the pull-down menu. Dance Shoe Suede Splits $12 each.

Get 10 Suede Splits for $85 – they can all be the same color or any combination of this color and that color that you’d like.
If you’d like an assortment of colors in your set of ten just shoot us an e-mail
or stick a note in the ‘comments’ section in the final step of the check-out process.