Monster Suede! Very Fuzzy Suede Leather Craft Panels


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The shaggiest suede we’ve ever seen!

Monster suede was created by a well-known tannery; they figured out how to draw out the leather fibers to make this incredibly shaggy-looking cowhide suede. It’s all leather – it’s not fuzzy carpeting.  The dying process ended up creating a two-tone look – the longer fibers seem a bit lighter than the surrounding fibers, so it looks like something you should be wearing at the office Christmas party.  We only have these swatch panels that measure 7″ by 10-1/2″ and all of them have two holes punched in them so that you could put them in a notebook/binder.  Available colors will be listed in the drop-down Add to Cart menu. Monster Suede panels are $10 each; USA shipping included