Vegetable Tanned Buffalo Calf Full Hides in RED – Full Hides at a Great Price


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Vegetable tanned buffalo calf full hides in red; these hides have not been split, skived, nor thinned – tanners call this ‘full substance’ when they get together over at the Sluice Gate Bar and Taproom that’s across the street from the tannery.  These hides are going to range in thickness, from a low of about 4 ounces to a high of about 9 ounces, or for you snooty metric types, 1.6 to 3.6 mm.  This leather has some temper – that means it isn’t soft.  It’s probably best categorized as ‘regular temper’ which we usually know by another name:  medium.  Red buffalo calf hides, $75 each, 48-state USA shipping included.  Get 3 hides for $200 flat, in case you need more than just one.